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    England squad - San Marino, Albania & Poland

    Goalkeepers: Dean Henderson (Manchester United), Sam Johnstone (West Bromwich Albion), Nick Pope (Burnley) Defenders: Ben Chilwell (Chelsea), Conor Coady (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Eric Dier (Tottenham Hotspur), Reece James (Chelsea), Harry Maguire (Manchester United), Tyrone Mings (Aston...
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    Ask the previous poster a question...

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    F1 Season 2021

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    Lucy Letby

    I find this a strange situation on the face of it. Anyone know anything beyond what's reported?
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    Bonfire Night

    Given the lack of public fireworks displays this year, anything else thinking people will have stocked up on them to let them off in their gardens this weekend on a bigger scale than usual? Can see it being a) a racket, b) leaving pets shit scared and c) putting a bigger burden on the NHS with...
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    One for you lot... You overhear your bosses talking about letting your best friend go. Not just your best work mate but genuine friend. Do you... (a) Give them the heads up because you're a nice person, but risk them bringing it up to the bosses when they inform them they're letting them go...
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    When someone breaks your trust

    How do you react to these situations? Always something I've found hard to reconcile.
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    Domestic Away Decline

    Last 24 away/neutral games in England (not including CL) P24 W14 D1 L9 Pretty dismal record really, seems teams in this country have sussed out this current iteration of Pep's side, far less effective than the great side of 17/18, even last season's dogged bunch. So what can we do to arrest...
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    Potential Poached...

    There have been teams, certainly in my generation, where teams that Agnelli would deem beneath him have put together a squad, or bought players over several seasons that made you think they could really do something, only for money, agents and "prestige" to talk and those sides to be...
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    Happy 2nd Anniversary

    Still ours.
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    Classic Match watch-along?

    As we have no games for 3 weeks, thought we could maybe use City+, and pick a game each weekend to do a watch-along of a classic game, kind of keep people's spirits up and something to keep a community spirit going? We could pick a game, set a time and have a match thread to mess about in as we...
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    Ref for Real Madrid (a)

    26.02.2020, 21:00 CET Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid (ESP) Real Madrid CF (ESP) - Manchester City FC (ENG) Referee: Daniele Orsato (ITA) Assistant Referee 1: Lorenzo Manganelli (ITA) Assistant Referee 2: Alessandro Giallatini (ITA) Fourth Official: Daniele Doveri (ITA) Video Assistant...
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    Leicester v Man City - VAR (David Coote)

    Just to let him and Stockley know we know he's on our game after this: We'll be watching with interest...I'm sure the club will be too.
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    Marega/Porto Racism Incident

    Another racist incident, what's more troubling is he team-mates and manager's refusal to just support him and let him walk off the pitch, just shameful behaviour. Then his manager responds by putting another black player on the pitch in his place. Just bewildering. The kind of thing UEFA...
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    Lee Mason appointed referee for League Cup final

    Out to get his revenge after 8 long years...
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    20 Years...oh how things change...

    So we started this century off with a 1-1 draw at Crewe in front of 10,000 (they get less than half that now), with Lee Crooks scoring. We started this decade with a 1-0 win in front of 12,000 folks at Middlesbrough in the FA Cup 3rd Round, a Benjani bonanza. 2 promotions and a relegation later...
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    Arndale 2?

    Twitter just started kicking off about another supposed incident..
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    Ironing Your Passport

    So I got this random piece of advice at 2.30am from the Border Force as per usual the e-passport gates hadn't worked and the officer noticed one of the unused pages was slightly creased. God forbid that paper creases. Then came the interrogation, details, whether I knew the airspeed velocity of...
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    Fluffing Our Lines

    After the eventual farce that was Saturday, where we scored just 2 goals from 30 shots, 10 of those on target, whilst Spurs managed what seemed like the typical City suckerpunch of scoring 2 goals from 3 shots, with 2 on target, so 100% on target conversion rate, I'd thought I'd take a look and...
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