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    Jack Grealish

    Jack Grealish is hugely overrated. A bit like Lingard.
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    New Champions League format | Gundogan speaks out (pg21)

    As much as I dislike this format idea, the wildcard thing is actually not that bad! There are only 2 wildcards across Europe and are EXTRA places, so top 4 etc. still gets a place, and might mean a regular Europa league entrant who get far every year getting a shot. It would also mean 'big'...
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    Sarah Everard murder: Met Police officer arrested

    Completely agree, but it always happens with the media.
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    United (H) Post Match Thread

    I think people need to remember the 90's here. We have the best squad by far, 11 points clear, likely to win 3rd title in 4 years. When Dickov scored that equaliser in 99 did you ever believe we would be here 15-20 years later? United won, so fucking what! They are still a long way behind us.
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    United (H) Post Match Thread

    Fuck off! Our manager has brought BY FAR the best football we have ever seen, and still likely the 3rd title in 4 years! I'd build a statue for Pep now. Absolute City legend, and one poor result will not change that. He got nothing wrong today, the players let him down (e.g. de Bruyne)
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    Health anxiety

    Hey man, I feel your pain. I've suffered from HA for about 8 years, following some really disturbing symptoms. I was tested for heart issues and head issues, and developed permanent double vision. What I can tell you is the mind is extremely powerful, and can make you genuinely experience...
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    Train tickets for tomorrow FREE

    Sorry pal, they're being picked up soon - both portions needed. Hope you sort it out and enjoy the game :)
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    Train tickets for tomorrow FREE

    ***Gone*** Hi, I've not posted on here for a while, but I've got 1 return train ticket no longer being used if someone can use them for the final tomorrow? Out 8.15am tomorrow Manchester to Euston 1st class Return 20.15 SUNDAY Euston to Manchester. Let me know if you can collect tonight near...
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    Boon has got a weekend show on Radio X - the others have been binned. What I actually liked about XFM was that the DJ's generally had an interest in the music they were playing - xposure with John Kennedy and stuff was always good - Moyles, Kay and Vaughan couldn't give a fuck!
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    Spiritualists - mediums etc

    So, because James Randi has a similar view to you, he is a genius? If you look at his 'offer' there are loads of places for people to 'trip up'. The paranormal is a field that is considered beyond our realm, therefore it WILL be impossible to completely 'prove' it. BUT, it doesn't mean it is all...
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    Who to sell

    Only read the first page of this nonsense. When did we decide Milner is shit?
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    Things that are vastly overrated

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    chemotherapy for dogs

    Sorry to hear this. I'd take advice from the vet, maybe even a second vet - see what the pro's and con's are - as you have insurance it should cover the costs, but obviously it best to do what is right for you and your pet.
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    Kate Bush.

    Came here dick in hand wanting to see the future queens nether regions. Disappointed, and now leaving :(
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    time to start charging for parts of the NHS?

    I agree - not just for NHS but for the police etc. too.
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    suicide on the railway

    Despite all the fuckwittery, mindless inane threads, and sometimes over-zealous mods, Bluemoon really does come through at times of need. Thanks all for offering to lend an ear and offer support. For my story, I have contemplated suicide, wondering whether the washing line attached to the...
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    Passing Over

    If you like?
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    Passing Over

    It means passing to wherever the person believes.
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    how small we really are

    To be fair though, this thread didn't make it past the first page without religion being ridiculed - with no provocation whatsoever.
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    Street Names

    I've just started delivering for a takeaway near home for extra money - I was given addresses for the streets next to mine and I had to google them!
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