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    Asda milk

    Is crap. Either my fridge is fucked or their milk lasts 2 days. The rest of the stuff in my fridge is lovely and chilled, so asda milk is gash. Am I alone in this?
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    Sexual relations with my neighbour

    From 3 doors up. History tells me this is not a good thing, Ive done it before in years past with even more immediate resident females. Am I entering into an period of awkwardness until she meets a nice man? Or is this going to turn into a world of random doorknocking on the way back from the...
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    And at the worst possible time. Got to get feeling a lot better than this by Friday afternoon, but for a minute it hurts to even move my eyes and it feels like something has driven over me. Any top tips for a swift recovery?
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    Shameful neighbours gang up on mum of autistic child I hope the ignorant bastards are thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Have a read of this and see if you get as annoyed as I did. I really hope the sender of that letter is identified, named and shamed. Credit to the mother of the boy...
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    State Pension Age Up Again

    These horrible bastards have just increased age at which I will get state pension up again by another year to 68. Thanks a lot.
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    Soffits and fascias quote

    Got a little 2 bed semi detached man cave. Wooden fascias etc are looking a bit tatty and not up to my standards. Had a bloke round who has quoted £750 on a hobble basis, and that went down within in an hour from the initial £850. Is this acceptable?
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    Sir John Hurt - dies aged 77

    What a shame, a great actor. From the alien busting out of his belly to the Elephant Man and Scandal. Loved him in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and only saw him the other day in Jackie. Had the all clear from cancer a couple of years ago but ill health has caught up. RIP
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    Never Mind Snowden & the NSA. Do Not Shag Taxi Drivers' Wives

    Sorry twat of a bloke. One of the ladies on the books came round earlier after slipping away from her works Xmas doo. She was done to the nines and totally shitfaced on Echo Falls wine or maybe something even nastier. Anyway, kiss and a cuddle and then pretended to be interested as she sat there...
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    Aled Up And Hungry

    Last night (Sat) I came home after an afternoon on the ale and made a curry, very nice too. Tonight, similarly aled up, I found a beef and red wine pie that I had cooked on friday and forgot about. A welcome surprise. Accordingly, I have thrown some roast potatoes from today's dinner on it and a...
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    Clean Team or Doped Team

    Which would you rather see compete, in any sport? If the authorities said that the competitors and players could take whatever steroids and growth hormone and whatever nonsense it is that they consume, and not have to pretend its medicine or supplements and not to have to lie that its for some...
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    Bumped my car, not amused

    Im far from thrilled. Pair of old duffers are trying to fix the garage door 3 ones over from mine and they parked their car in a twat of a place randomly across the space. I asked if they would move it over but they were busy working, 'I'll watch you out' one of them says. Its a tights squeeze...
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    Off to Benalmadena in the morning, very excited. Cant wait to have a long deserved break from work and the old routine and go and have fun and relax for a week. There is a 8 of us going tomorrow and 7 arriving on the weekend, and fancy dress arranged for Fri and Sat nights. Intending on spending...
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    Coors Light

    I enjoyed this as a beverage in my local alehouse, particularly as an alternative to the pisspoor Carling. I drink Guinness generally, but as a change if I fancied a glass of pop I would choose this and I quite liked it. Had a couple of pints of it earlier and noticed it wasnt quite the same...
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    NZ cricketer Martin Crowe dies aged 53

    Died from cancer. What a twat of a disease, only 53 years old. Remember him well from cricket in the 80s and early 90s.
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    Hair Extensions

    Just watching Question Time and observing the very easy on the eye lady on the left of the panel. Why do so many ladies persist in putting these daft overly long extensions under their own hair? You can see where their real hair finishes, and it looks a bit silly. Once you start noticing it you...
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    Non-teachers nicknames

    The teachers nickname thread got me thinking. There are a load of nicknames between mates and colleagues, and here are some of them. Anyone got a similar list? I know or work with: Rob the leg The Worm Tommo Fat Nev Rhod the God Deaf Jeff Boring Andy Rain Man (deep thinker) Mike the Murderer...
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    Best male and female singing voices

    You're allowed more than one each gender as music is like that, I dont like how non musos have to rank people as that's not how music works. However, a few of each, each: For me male: Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Art Gurfunkel, Frank Sinatra female: Norah Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Nicks, Dusty...
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    Farmers could be paid to let their land flood

    Is this a cop out by the govt? Surely this will help yet another govt pay for proper flood defences. Is there anything else that farmers will be paid for apart from actually making produce? I know ones who are still living off the interest on the foot and mouth compo, a disease they actually...
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    Anyone in the electrical supplies business?

    If so I would appreciate a PM for very basic help, queries and advice. Cheers
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    Attention Seeking Ignoramus

    Have a read of this...what an awful woman
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