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    Sorry if already covered but who are/is Vega FZ, LCC?
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    Aro Muric - 2019/20 Performances

    Forest have confirmed Muric has signed a season long loan. Will he start ahead of Pantillimon?
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    IGTV rankings

    I felt compelled to start this thread on the back of the news that has been reported by The Mirror that Liverpool are 3rd in the rankings for IGTV and U****d are 5th. I apologise in advance for starting this thread as I know it can create a lot of tension but I couldn't sit idly by while my...
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    Looking for a video

    can anyone help me find a YouTube video that was made when we win the title in 2012. To Build a Home by Cinematic Orchestra was the backing track. I've trawled Google and YouTube trying to find it but drawing a blank, any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Team of the week

    Hart and Yaya in Crooks 'team of the week' Is it just me or is he talking complete bollox?
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