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    Chelsea have become everything City wanted to be - Carragher

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... Toure.html</a>
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    Combining 2 City players past & present

    I often think (not so much recently) that if you combined Gael Clichy and Aleks Kolarov into one player and take their best attributes we would have the best fullback in the world. It got me thinking, if you could combine any 2 City players from past or present to make a super player, who would...
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    Official player of the season vote

    Voting opened this morning within the last hour and I was wondering which way has everyone gone? Will Yayas recent actions lose him what was almost a guaranteed player of the season award? It may be spiteful or childish but my vote has gone to Silva despite previously voting for Yaya on here.
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    Hughes at Stoke

    It's not taken Mark Hughes long to make a lasting impression on the Stoke fans... <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... hughes-out</a> Brought...
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    Our best transfer window ever

    As another window has opened recently it's got me to thinking about what our greatest transfer window has been. This summer has been far and away the best one for me with Fernandinho and Negredo standing out as the 2 best signings in the entire league, not just at City. Jesus Navas has impressed...
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    Liverpool away ticket help

    Trying to book a ticket from the site for Liverpool away, it doesn't say that they're sold out but when I try and add pricing option it just says "..." as opposed to the "+" sign when you choose the option. Is this because it's sold out or is there just a problem?
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