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    Turn Our Gaffs Blue

    Already got my flags up back and front of house. I live in Merseyside , so I expect the windows to be put through at some point
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    Paris Saint-Germain (H) - CL SF | Pre-Match Thread

    Just put £50 on PSG to get through at 7-1 as an insurance policy. I'm happy to lose £50 if it means city getting through .
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    How are we all feeling about our club today?

    Had to buy a pack of disposable face masks. Can’t bring myself to wear the City ones . Pathetic I know but I still feel sick about the whole thing
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    Injury Updates

    FFS . Don't twist my words! Of course I care about Kev's injury but today it is of little relevance in the grand scheme of things. Get a grip
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    Injury Updates

    Like anyone gives a shit now but KDB likely to be out for at least a month according to Jack Gaughan. Rest of the season is just hollow now . Very dark day
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    Borussia Dortmund (A) - CL QF | Post-Match Thread

    Get the f##k in!!! I need some fellow City love in, I'm getting sick of dancing around the living room and celebrating alone. So happy tonight ! Love this team . Rare day at being at home (usually working in London) great time to take the kids into school tomorrow whilst living in Merseyside.
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    Borussia Dortmund (A) - CL QF | Pre-Match Thread

    Of course he plays. Loads of pictures knocking around of him in training the other day on the official site ;) Has Pep got another brain fart in him? Surely he doesn’t !!!
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    FA Cup SF Draw | Chelsea | Sat 17 Apr 5:30pm

    Get in!! Despise 12:30 kick offs! Weekends over before it’s begun and if you get a bad result like Saturday it ruins the whole weekend .
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    Dortmund (H) - CL QF | Post-Match Thread

    I kind of see where your coming from Alex. We’re not going to be at our blistering best all the way through, we’ve had a dip in our performance and still come through with a very important win. This hopefully will be a little reminder (if we get through ) to be a bit more sharper and less...
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    New music and band thread

    I’ve been listening to a podcast called ‘In your ears music ‘ basically promoting new bands. Since the 1st lockdown I’ve unearthed some great tunes and bands. A few bands to mention are ‘Vela Incident’ ‘The shed project ‘ The VCR, ‘The Novacs’ and Apollo Junction.
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    Running thread

    Only just noticed this. Just joined and I’ll give this a bash , although coming back off a knee injury my pace is likely to be down. (Getting the excuses in early; )
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    Running thread

    Back in the groove. After a 6 week rest ! ( Knee issues, could hardly run ) been doing 30 mins a day exercise on my knee laid out by the physio. Had a few runs to test the knee at slow pace. On Tuesday I was able to run at half decent 3 mile pace at 7 mins 40 per mile. Not being able to run has...
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    York away documentary, City + TV

    This is not showing up on my City TV app.
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    Best podcast episodes you have ever listened to ?

    Anything goes with James English. (Notorious criminals who have now seen the error of their ways and turned the lives around) Atletico Mince (Great for a laugh it’s Bob Mortimer ) Funky Si’s A-Z of Manchester ( Si Wolstencroft’s story of His life in Manchester’s bands . Great stories, he was...
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    Best podcast episodes you have ever listened to ?

    Loads of great ones on there. Kelly Jones was a good one the other week . He’s ok for a Red, Jakes sidekick Damien Hughes . (Son of Brian Hughes) boxing coach.
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    York away documentary, City + TV

    I got the train to this game and remember Daft Donald causing fear amongst the shoppers, a one man wrecking spree . Great day on the p**s beforehand on the many boozers York has to offer. The young guy who scored the winner. I worked with him on the railway about 10 years ago
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    Big warehouse fire in Denton

    These photos show the extent of the fire
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    Running thread

    Great read. I've been doing a thing called the Wim hof method I'm sure a few people have heard of this technique (Google it). Its from a guy nicknamed the Iceman , a Dutch athlete called Wim Hof. He does breathing techniques and cold shower techniques which boosts the bodys immune system. Like...
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    Liverpool (A) Post Match Thread

    I turned off the pre match hype with that numpty . He can't be a City fan
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    Running thread

    Happy with the pace for my half marathon yesterday. 1 Hour 49 mins. Ain’t half feeling it today though
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