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    Music Association Game

    Acid Black Cherry - Spell Magic
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    Foden and Torres on Golden Boy Shortlist.

    Just some1 being too lazy to start a new thread for this year's award and reviving an old one instead.
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    Women's Team 2020/21

    Details on "Bunny's" signing including first interview video can be found at the link below: Khadija Shaw signing
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    China launched and connected to their own space station earlier too. Can see the replay on the following link: Chinese launch
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    Music Association Game

    Shonen Knife - Tortoise Brand Pot Cleaner's Theme
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    YouTube Classics...

    Love little vids like this...
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    What are you listening to.................RIGHT NOW!!!

    Brazilian death metal in the shape of these lovely young ladies...
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    Music Association Game

    Liv Moon - Fountain of My Pleasure
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    Music Association Game

    Blues Pills - Lady in Gold
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    Album covers with a nipple

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    Covid Vaccine Thread

    Had absolutely nothing after 2nd AZ jab. Was quite happy with that.
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    The photos thread

    I did not know this...
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    Music Association Game

    X Japan - Standing Sex
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    The Super League | FA: Official Inquiry + PL: New Charter & Fines + UEFA: Settlement

    If they didn't let them in while still having an "open" case against them then it would just get thrown out by CAS. Once the investigation was suspended this was always going to happen.
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    Album covers with a nipple

    You didn't say it had to be female. Roxy Music had Country Life which had a young lady wearing see-thru bra.
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