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    Wheres everyone drinking at Wembley?

    That makes 2 of us!
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    Carabao Cup Final (Chelsea) pre-match thread

    Factor 30 on nose for me
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    Carabao Cup Final plans

    They said that last year, but they were open right after the game.
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    What are you taking to Wembley.

    Hopes & Dreams!
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    Carabao Cup Final plans

    Was in Travel lodge last year, bit quite everywhere.
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    Thanks Yaya

    Thanks YaYa - Never will we forget what you did!
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    Super market beer deals

    She only had a tenner in her purse.
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    All City's game's in May are on a Sunday

    The Vicar ain't gonna be happy.
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    Season Card Reservations/Relocations Direct Debit update 11/6

    Re: Season Card Reservation,New ST etc 2015/16 Season. Would the fans who complain about the new prices see it differently when we sign Messi?
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    An Englishman abroad........

    Same here. 3 days & 2 nights trouble free.
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    Historical Food/Beer sold at City

    You could get Wagon Wheels in the Main stand
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    Made in Brazil - Robinho

    I wish someone would dig out the transfer day deadline clip from Sky Sports, when the news came through that we had signed him.
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    How was your trip

    Just about getting back to normal sleeping pattern. Had a great trip!
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    Invasion of Camp Nou

    Peanuts not cashew nuts
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    City to reach QF - How much would you gamble?

    Keep the faith. Stick as much as possible on it. You know it's gonna happen.
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    Invasion of Camp Nou

    Just getting the suitcase dusted down. Taxi ordered for 4am. Does anyone know how to say - '2 beers & some of those free peanuts please' - in spanish?
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