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    I have it. First day back at work after having a week off. Couldn't sleep properly last night. I never can on a Sunday night. That dread feeling in the pit of my stomach at the thought of coming back in work. God I feel pissed off. So how do you lot feel? Is anyone else suffering from Mondayitis?
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    Patio Door Runner

    Anyone know who can fit a new runner on my patio door in the Tameside area? Mine has completely split. Thought I was a prisoner in my own garden not so long ago, couldn't get back in my house. Managed to prise it open eventually enough for me to squeeze back in then spent ages trying to shut it...
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    Laptop Repair - Power Supply

    Just noticed there is no power going through to my laptop and now the battery is practically dead. I don't think it's the cable because the green light is still lit up on the transformer that's half way through the cable but there is no orange power light on the laptop itself. I have a feeling...
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    Near Fire From Tumble Dryer

    Sat there tonight in my lounge, on laptop, first half of Corrie just about to come on. I suddenly smelt a very strong smell of smoke. Looked up and I could hardly see the tv for thick smoke in front of it. I've never moved so fast. Shot up and unplugged everything. TV, Virgin Box, Laptop. I...
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    Just Won A Pair of Tickets

    For the Fulham game at home with Barclays Ticket Office :-) <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... index.html</a> Won on the 5th attempt, so...
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    Pfft!! . . . I've ran out of booze . . .

    . . . but my next door neighbour is still up. What can I text to get myself around there for some supplies, should I just text "hi how's u, I'm bored fancy a natter?. Her husband used to do a good "Ganja" wine in his garden shed . . .
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    Gratuitous lads thread - Olympic edition

    Come on ladies, anything they can do we can do better . . . About time one of these got made. Athletes only. I'll get us started, ladies and gents I give you Dwayane Wade (30, Basketball), Jonathan Horton (24, Gymnastics), Ashton Eaton (24, Track & Field), one of the Bryan brothers, who cares...
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    Food waste recyle caddies

    Anyone else been issued with one of these from your Council? We have just had them delivered in the Tameside area yesterday, they call them "The Deluxe Kitchen Caddy"!!! FFS! What's so "deluxe" about them? Mine's gone outside, it doesn't even match my colour scheme in my kitchen. Not only that...
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    I'm drunk

    . . . snd it took so long for me me to spell it yeah"!
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    There's a hedgehog in my garage!

    I've just opened my garage door, not the actual garage door but the one I access from the back of my house. In the darkness I could see something over by the door itself from the street light shining through underneath. I put the light on and its a hedgehog. I'm not sure if its the one thats...
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    Netbook screen broke. Any help?

    My next door neighbours lad has just sat on his netbook and broke the screen. Unfortunately it's not insured. Where can they get it fixed and how much are they looking at? Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Female or Shemale?

    I got 9/16 <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    The Blue Champions Parade!

    Manchester City Football Club will be holding an open-top bus trophy parade through Manchester city centre tomorrow, Monday 14th May, to mark the Club’s historic first league title win in 44 years. <a class="postlink"...
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    Is this false advertising?

    Virgin Media gave it's customers free ESPN from 7th January to 4th February. Would you expect it to be including 4th February as I expected? I've just phoned Virgin Media and asked why it's been turned off already as it said 4th Feb so that should mean including 4th Feb, but they said no it...
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    Hmmmmm . . . lovely!

    Coooooeeeeeeeee! Can I have stuffing with my turkey please? ;-) lol
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    R.I.P 'Poznan Gran'

    Awww bless, so sad. Thoughts go out to her family and friends. R.I.P x <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    The font on here on Google Chrome.

    What's wrong with it? I've recently installed Google Chrome and the font is crap on the eye and can be quite difficult to read. It's ok on web pages. It's just the font on the posts on here? Very light and letters a little bit more spaced out than what it looks like when viewed from using...
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    Vote your nominees for The Bluemoon Poster Awards 2011: 1: Best Poster 2: Worse Poster 3: Funniest 4: Most Boring 5: Most Annoying 6: The Longest Male Posting Poster (excluding Ric) 7: The Longest Female Posting Poster 8: Best Male New-comer 9: Best Female New-comer 10: Best Come-back...
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    Just a quick question . . .

    When clicking 'View active topics' what does that green faced emoticon mean at the side of 'Sanchez (continued)' in the Transfer forum?
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    15 years on: The Manchester Bomb

    Doesn't seem like it was 15 years ago since this: <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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