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    Will we win the league? (continued)

    Re: Will we win the Prem / Title still possible (merged) I know its far too early but funny none the less.
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    Fair enough, can't say I have had any experience of muscular/skeletal pain through exercise previous to my diagnosis. If anything I am more injury prone now.
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    How does that have any effect? I'm intolerant to Gluten and I don't see how it can make any difference to physical exercise.
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    The First Game of the Season City vs Newcastle Pre Match

    I see us winning but I don't think it'll be an easy game. I expect Newcastle to sit and wait like a few teams have done. Will be interesting to see if Pellegrini has a game plan for this type of football. Hopefully we can break them down fairly quickly and get a goal and then they may start to...
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    This weekends other Prem Games 17th-18th August

    Ah I see. Although i guess its a money saver, although I don't see how it can benefit them.
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    This weekends other Prem Games 17th-18th August

    All seems a bit odd.
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    This weekends other Prem Games 17th-18th August

    Whats going on with Palace's kit? All their training tops and stuff have Nike on, then their kit has nothing but a sponsor and the badge?
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    Negredo allegedly signed

    Re: Negredo just signed Can't really say i have ever seen him play but considering his record last season im looking forward to seeing him. You don't score that many goals on luck alone.
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    Yaya/Kolo song taking over the world (vids)

    Wish i had the video of my university football society doing it. About 35-40 of us in a kebab house in Birmingham on our presentation night. Did it for about 10-15 minutes before we were asked to leave.
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    Kolarov joins Twitter!

    I actually like Kolarov. Don't care much for his ability, its a bit hit and miss but as a character i think he is good for the dressing room.
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    Age Old Argument

    I don't even know why this would wind a rag up anyway. Its the most ridiculous argument, and is only used when we have nothing better to do than goad them. They are in Manchester as much as we are regardless of addresses or what ever.
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    Fernandinho completed, OS confirmed

    Re: Fernandinho has medical Or they saw a number in the sky and said "Yep that's it". I'm sure Shakhtar were more than keen to tell everybody the price anyway, they don't want their fans thinking they sold him on the cheap. Looking after their own interests. Who cares anyway.
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    Goalkeeper distribution

    I don't think people are expecting pin point passes but if you use tonight as an example for Joe, he kicked 3 into touch and does do they same for City more than he should. If Hart throws out or passes out his distribution is normally good. You may expect a keeper to have a better long distance...
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    Aguero contract situation

    Yeh i think so to but its positive, something we don't always get a lot of at City lol.
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    Aguero contract situation

    Yeh that's it turn something positive into a negative. Look on the bright side for once maybe he just wants to stay for another year?
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    Aguero contract situation

    Helps to quash the rumors and will have given us the opportunity to renegotiate the contract. Lovely job.
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    Aguero contract situation

    Re: Aguero to stay Well this is good
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    Edin Dzeko

    As far as im concerned the positions make no difference. Dzeko far to often doesn't look confident in his own ability IMO, where as players such as Milner always will regardless of how much they play, and not only does it affect them but the players around them. If you think that all a striker...
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    New Nike Kit 13/14? (Merged)

    Manchester Coat of Arms. Wembley. Used to wear it.
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    Edin Dzeko

    Yes and no. Obviously everyone knows when you're not playing your not happy! But if he isn't confident enough in his ability them surely I'm correct that he isn't mentally strong enough? If you aren't playing then maybe you should be self motivated to get back into the squad. This is what i...
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