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    Pictures of Your Pets

    LOL! Brilliant! :-)
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    Pictures of Your Pets

    Awwwww!! :-) So cute!! I want one! :-)
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    Looking forward to the snow/winter?

    No I'm fooking not. Nice to look at when you're warm and cosy inside the house but that's about it. Street like an ice rink. Having to take silly little steps holding on to walls and privets and wing mirrors that takes me about 10 minutes just to get out of a small cul-de-sac hopefully in one...
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    What's your Downton Abbey name...

    Hannah Varna
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    Yeah, I should imagine so. God I just want this day to be over. :-(
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    No it's not. It's so gay
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    I'm in a foul mood, had a terrible night slelep and have a bad dose of the Mondayitis again. :-(
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    Muffin or Barm

    You're welcome :-)
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    What you doing tonight then?? (Fri 2nd May)

    Re: What you doing tonight then?? (Friday 8th November) Oh God Nooooooooooooo! Not the Christmas lights already!! Manchester City Council spent £900k on the festive lights!!! <a class="postlink"...
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    Muffin or Barm

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    Muffin or Barm

    B A R M
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    Being the last person to post in a thread - £50

    Aye and I'm sure I shall make a miraculous recovery come 2pm today. :-)
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    TV Series

    Yes true. Didn't know what to make of it at first. Six episodes in now. Believe there will be a Season 2 early next year.
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    Being the last person to post in a thread - £50

    I was suffering from mild Wednesdayitis symptoms.
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    Being the last person to post in a thread - £50

    I have Fridayitis or maybe it's sick building syndrome? Then again I think it maybe both. :-(
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    Sweet Packs Malware.

    Malwarebytes and Spy-Bot Search and Destroy are good. Run them in safe mode.
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    Missus robbed and assaulted on street. Oxford Road.

    Sorry to hear about your Mrs and hope she is ok. I work not far from there and see so many dickheads out and about around 5.30 in the morning. I used to walk from Piccadilly Gardens at one time but after witnessing so many scumbags in town at that time of morning I now get the bus. One lad who...
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    Ok Clouseau so which ex knicker sniffer do you reckon it is? ;-)
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    Cut off point

    I'd be suffering from mixinmedrinkitis and horizontal fever for the next two days if I drank that.
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    Being the last person to post in a thread - £50

    Thank you. I will be expected to be treated like a Princess. Candle-lit dinner, nice bottle of wine.
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