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    Compulsive liar

    I’ve met a few over the years but just spent an hour or so with a complete fuckwit. The lies were too many and too much to list but I feel exhausted having given him the time. Rather than call him on his BS I just sat back and let him go, feeling very tired from just witnessing it
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    Christmas Star

    Anyone get a glimpse. It’s just starting to appear here
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    I like them a lot
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    Got zapped on a bunch of sun spots today, look like I got beaten up tonight. Keep an eye on that shit
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    Nineteen years ago

    Seems hard to believe it was so long ago, a bad day
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    Laura and Marco

    Not looking good for the gulf region, two hurricanes expected to hit on the same day....Ruuuuuuunnnnn
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    Any other hippies out there who swear by these German made comfort shoes, the most comfortable things out there
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    Night sky

    The moon followed by Jupiter and Saturn making for quite the sky tonight
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    Just sitting out in the back garden waiting for the stars to come out and watching at least half a dozen bats flittering silently about. That’s all
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    Huge comet

    Anyone else been lucky enough to see that massive comet in the North sky, beautiful clear night here, biggest comet I've ever seen
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    Trying to get in touch with an old friend

    Been calling an old chef friend of mine, took me years to find his number, the **** refuses to pick up his phone
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    Interfering busy bodies, slow production down, work shy coonts
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    Red, White, Rose, Sparkling? What's your favourite? I find a see a lot of overhyped snobbery, any experts out there? I just cracked open a nice Red from Spain, screw top, tastes great
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    Living Dead

    Ummmm, yeah
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    Reading glasses

    I'm 55 and have never worn glasses, always had good sight.....until I put on a pair of readers recently and realised how much visual loss has crept up on me, seeing graphics so clearly has given me a boost. Should probably just get my eyes tested but what could be wrong with the cheap ones?
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    Living Will

    The missus and I have been talking about getting one of these forever, finally called a lawyer's office and they want $400 each! I told them to go forth and multiply, now the wife's mad with me. Is that a reasonable fee? Anyone in the know?
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    Pink moon

    Anyone in the States getting any of this ? Ahooooooooooooooooooooooo, crazy sky
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    Digging around in the closet found the wife's pilate stick ( at least that's what she tells me it is) seen a few videos on it, gonna give it a go, anyone else do pilates or have any tips.
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    Spring is springing! We're probably a little behind you, there's still a lot of snow on the ground and it's -6c this morning but just saw a huge flock of snow geese fly over the house. A few buds forming on the trees. A great time of the year....Oh yeah, suicidal Robins are back
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    Rush or The Scorpions?

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