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    Kyle Walkers pre-kick off water ritual?!

    Boredom has gripped during C19 lock down and wondered why Kyle Walker pours water over his head then blows the water into the air???... That'll be banned on return to normality I guess anyway!?...
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    Transporting a Vespa

    Hi, I need to borroe/hire a trailer/transit to transport a Vespa from Stoke to Oldham - can anyone lend me a trailer? Trustworthy and diligent and a full licence Inc motorcycle cover...
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    Pubs near Anfield

    Where's everyone going before the game?
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    Inhaler tickets for sale - Sheffield Sat 26th Oct

    Inhaler play Sheffield on Sat 26th Oct, I'm selling 2 x tickets at fv+ booking fee so buy both for £20.00
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    Huddersfield pubs

    Apologies if there’s a post already but just checking which pubs in Huddersfield City fans are meeting in?
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    Season Card Share next season 2016/17

    I have 2 season cards in South Stand Level 1, Block 111, one being a student card (18-21yrs) but my son cant make it to many games so if someone wants to share for next season please get in touch ... I can upgrade to adult for games if I have the payment upfront ...
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    Season Ticket available this season!

    I have a Student (18-21) season card available for the whole season I bought for my son but he's decided to go to Uni. I don't mind if there's a 'share' of games ie; select some low and high profile games that you are available for! I will sell at £25 per game (FV). The seat is in the standing...
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    Travel to Etihad from Denshaw

    Does anyone travel from Denshaw or surrounding area's with availability to give me a lift? I'll pay of course ...
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    Season Card share next season

    I can't make the evening games due to work commitments so will have to sell them for next season. I'm in all cup schemes at the moment so if anyone is interested in taking all/most evening games I can always throw in some others all at fv ?! ... I won't pick the best games either !
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    FA Cup parade in the city centre

    Do we think there'll definately be a parade if we win the cup ?
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    WBA at home 7th May 7.45pm ko

    1 x adult + 1 x 16/17 tix ...We can't make the game so selling both for £50, 1st to pay get the tix ... pm me if interested, thanks
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    Barnsley home Sat 9th March (IN HERE PLEASE)

    I can't make this game now so I'm selling 1 x adult + 1 x U16 tix for Barnsley home Sat 9th March ... Tix can be collected from my m8 b4 game and returned after the game ... Cheers
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    Kenny Jacket - Milwall

    I listened to an interview with Kenny Jacket on the eve of the Luton v Milwall game and Kenny seems to be a really good, moralistic guy who says that the Milwall FC of today's game face the music when people relate to the hooligan days and Milwalls terrible past ! He doesn't hide away and...
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    WBA at home 13 April -- 2 tickets required

    I know it's an early request but I need 2 x tickets for City vs WBA on sat 13th April for 2 guests coming over from the USA ... much appreciated if anyone knows they'll be away and will commit early to parting with their tickets ! Cheers, Mark
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    Junior season ticket wanted - possibly buy a few games ?

    My mates son (13yrs) wants to get a season ticket but all sold out I think ? Me & my son are in 111 lower and I can take him to/from games if anyone wants to sell for any/all home games ?!?!?! Thanks
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    Charity Shield Travel from Abergele

    Does anyone know of a City supporters club near Abergele that I could contact for travel to Villa Park ???
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    Jim Cassell

    Where is he now ? He seemed instrumental in the Academy success and I know he was posted in Abu Dhabi, but is he still employed by City and what does he do now ???
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