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    Bluemoon Angling Thread

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    The photos thread

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    The photos thread

    You farted again
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    Bluemoon Angling Thread

    I’m leaving about the same time, rest of the week on a lake
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    Best concert you've ever attended...

    Me and a friend went down to that without tickets, figured we’d be able to scalp one, nope, couldn’t get a ticket anywhere. I remember getting a sneaky peak through those huge doors, went for a pub crawl instead ( not around the stadium mind you)
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    How is everyone coping?

    Indeed they do
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    The photos thread

    About an hour ago
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    My new dog

    A friend just adopted a Blue Healer mix from the shelter, she said she felt terrible as there were two similar dogs and she had to choose, oh well, what can you do? New dog just starting to think he’s finally out of jail for good, great to see
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    What are you having to eat?

    A pot cookie
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    Bluemoon Angling Thread

    Sorry to hear that
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    The Likely Lads; The Re-make

    A shit series
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    Total morons!

    Or shooting
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    Still doesn’t excuse fly tipping
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    United Airlines

    Agonizing! Picking up one of my employees, he’s only traveling from Texas ffs!!!! I’ll be drunk by the time he gets here (Jackson Hole) he’ll have to drive my truck home
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    United Airlines

    Fuck you United fucking worthless POS Only 6.5 hrs late
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    Favorite food to cook

    Anything and everything. Don’t be afraid to mix and match
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    Me too
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    BBQ Gas bottle shortage

    Do yourself a favour and buy a Cobb Grill, six charcoal briquettes will cook a whole roast
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