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    Champions League Final | Tickets - City Official Package + UEFA Tickets

    It states 72 hours also? That covers Thursday am but I'd playafe and take it after 1pm because that's depending on flight times and no Whats your points total?
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    Champions League Final | Tickets - City Official Package + UEFA Tickets

    What time does ticket office close today?
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    The Battle of Boundary Park - Good (Bad) Friday 1984

    There was a load of City fans in Rochdale Rd End shampooing their hair, the rain was so bad it washed right through! Not sure where the idea to take shampoo came from?!
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    Song/Chant for Ilkay

    Bernie Taupin eat yer heart out!
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    COVID Watch | Aguero is back!

    Message received from a friend... Wait for the news come out about Kyle walker at man city. He arranged a party for Xmas in London and 19 premier league players went and up to now 11 have tested positive due to Fulham match getting called off tonight and city other night against Everton...
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    oh i'm gonna phone jesus

    Is there a specific tune to your lyrics?
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    City to give Liverpool guard of honour

    City players should sing Blue Moon and just pretend to clap but make no sound to coincide with the non-atmosphere
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    Kyle Walkers pre-kick off water ritual?!

    Boredom has gripped during C19 lock down and wondered why Kyle Walker pours water over his head then blows the water into the air???... That'll be banned on return to normality I guess anyway!?...
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    City’s New Kits - 2020/21 - [Old Thread]
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    Xabi Alonso - potential assistant coach

    He gets my vote
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    City tattoo design offer (£235 made for NHS so far)

    Andy has done a fantastic design for me of Aguero and 93:20 I'm really pleased with so I'm donating £93:20 to the cause - thank you Andy
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    Madrid home

    I've been asked for City v Madrid tickets at The Etihad if anyone has spares? Need (3) 2 together + 1 on its own ...
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    Liverpool home game

    Liverpool and Madrid at The Etihad tickets if anyone has spares? Need (3) 2 together + 1 on its own ...
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    Madrid home

    1 or 2 required if anyone has any?...
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    United away

    1 ticket required for Rags away
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    Carabao Cup Final Ticket

    I've been let down by a member and need 4 x tickets together if there's any chance of that???... Mark 07812672237
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    Madrid away.

    In need of 2 tickets for Madrid away, been let down and travelling without tickets now...
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    Flares and chairs thrown into our end

    The guy that threw the flare didn't get caught, the feds couldn't find him in between all the blue empty seats!!!
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    Flares and chairs thrown into our end

    In 111 there was several items thrown at City fans, yes City fans eventually retaliated but only after they had enough of the Rags not being challenged by police for 30 mins or more!
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