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    It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

    On Netflix. Anyone a fan? Great writing and characters.
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    New Kitchen advice

    Buying a new kitchen. Anyone able to provide some advice in respect to the best way to do this? Not sure whether to buy a kitchen from Wren (or similar type of company) and ask them to also do the fitting etc. Or just buy the kitchen only and then get a fitter from mybuilder (or similar) and ask...
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    Portland - Maine

    Anyone been? If so how did you find it? Wanted to visit Maine for some time and contemplating booking a trip with the wife and daughter.
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    Maradona in Mexico - Netflix

    Anyone watching this? Maradona ends up as manager of some ramshackle of a club in the Mexican 2nd division. Great fun and Pep even makes an appearance...
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    Caravan ownership

    thinking of buying one up in Ribble valley/Yorkshire dales region. Undecided as to whether it would be a good investment or not. Anyone own a caravan and if so was it a good investment?
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    Sean Dyche moaning about refs

    Christ does this guy every stop bleeding moaning about refs, every single week the same thing. Worse than Hughes.
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    J Files - Manchester...

    We are blessed to come from such a great City that is revered globally....
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    ESTA Visa US

    anyone had any problems obtaining this? I've been declined so now have to go to the US Embassy in London for an interview. Wondering whether anyone on here had the same or heard of anyone having same problem
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    Capital Gains Tax - help required

    Need to pay it on a house I owned and recently sold. It was my main residency but then let it out for a few years... Looking for someone who is qualified to help in this area. I know I could save considerable amount of money. Prepared to pay a small amount for some sound advice. Please DM if...
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    Keith Vaz...

    Getting his comeuppance it would seem...
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    Gardeners Prestwich

    anyine know any reliable decent gardeners around Prestwich? Thanks in advance..
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    Wembley - from Whitefield/Prestwich

    anyone know if there any coaches going from here to Wembley?
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    Long Haul to Oz or NZ with 5/6 year old...

    anyone done it with young one, if so how was it and did you stop En-route or go straight through.
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    Tenant problems - advice welcome

    let a property out through an agency. Tenants owe £1500 rent and are not communicating with the agency who rent it out for me; they have just gone to ground and refuse to even open the door. 3 months left on the lease. I asked the agency for a copy of the references they obtained before the...
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    Painter & Decorator - Prestwich area

    If anyone knows one that charges reasonable rates please can you let me know. Thanks in advance...
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    Oh dear... @tariqpanja: Bayern Munich President Hoeness Probed for Tax Evasion <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> via @BloombergNews
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    Jerry Seinfeld at MEN

    Fantastic. Anyone else see him tonight?
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    Eden Hazard

    Reports in the French media that we're in for him.
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    MEN again...

    Now doing a 'help to keep carols Tevez petition - persuade carlos to stay' Now I know many fans would like Tevez to be here next year but I get the feeling majority of blues are not really arsed what happens.... Can't help but feel the MEN are taking the piss again.
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    City given the Eastern side of Wembley for the final...

    According to the MEN.
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