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    Financial 'Fair' Play (FFP) and Third-Party Ownership (TPO)

    This may be news to some and not others but either way i thought it would be interesting to share. I had a talk at Uni today from a lawyer who specialises in football law, his name is Daniel Geey if any of you have heard about him before this is an example he gave to us today: He shared an...
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    FA Cup, semi final or final pricing strategy?

    Just inquiring to see if anyone has the pricing strategy for seats when we played at Wembley? Specifically the seating plan with the colour coordinates. Thanks in advance if you do.
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    We never win at home and...

    My favorite song, was out it in full force today, so glad its not been lost.
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    Jailbroken iPhone

    Just a little review of what i did after reading this topic. <a class="postlink-local" href="" onclick=";return false;">viewtopic.php?f=5&t=179464</a> Somebody wanted me to let them know how it went so here we...
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    A Song For Yann Kermorgant (Leicester Player)

    If you watched the Cardiff v Leicester Play Off. Well done to Leicester for a bit of humour. lol
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    Driving tests

    So who failed there test for something stupid then? I certainly did today, about a minute away from passing my test first time with no minors at all (i finished my test with no minors) i accidently went over a zebra crossing as someone was about to cross, therefore i fail rightly but still so...
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    A sure bet (Idiot of 2010 inside)

    Lets be honest there is no such thing, this guy has well and truly proved it. The title of the thread is "I admit it". later on in the thread there is a convo posted between him and his mate So in conclusion he put £4400 pounds on Angola to win when they were 4-0 up with 12 minutes to go...
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    City wallpapers.

    My first real go at wallpapers. I will add more when i do them. Just click on the thumbnails (stopping page loading times).
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