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    How Good Were Kajagoogoo?

    Since we’re on the individual band music threads. The question had to be asked?
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    The one SLANG word thread.

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    Mercury Music Award Winner 2020 and other new stuff

    Michael Kiwanuka. Really good. Have his last two albums on Spotify. Not my usual genre but I really took a liking to him. Anyone got any new stuff you’ve heard lately that has turned your head.
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    (A-Z Artist or Band Name) Now Indexed Index: Letter / Page A - 1 B - 6 C - 16 D - 24 E - 31 F - 39 G - 49 H - 60 I - 71 J - 81 K - 96 L - 112 M...
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    In the presence of genius.

    Have you ever been..... Admittedly it’s Friday night and I’m into the Teelings. I’m watching Rory Gallagher on Youtube. Admittedly never met the guy but have spoken with his brother. Have been at a gig beside Phil Lynnott and a couple of parties too, not that I’d necessarily call him a genius...
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    The gas craic thread.

    A notion that came to me in the Political sub forum where it doesn’t belong. I reckon ‘craic’ is the best Gaelic word that has been adopted into English recently. It may be the best foreign word ever absorbed into the English Language. Don’t agree? Ok what are the best foreign language...
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    Album you wish you were hearing for the first time.

    Ok. SAP system was down in work all day which made work redundant and I spent more time in the Political Sub Forum than is healthy for anyone. I need light relief and have been in YouTube watching those guys critiquing albums that have been recommended by subscribers. Got me thinking watching...
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    Standout Live Performances that hit you.

    Ok. There’s a load of music threads on the go. Why do we need another. Well we probably don’t but going through some of them got me thinking of some performances that really got to me, down through the decades. Different reasons for different ones. This to me always stands out as a brilliant...
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