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    Dorset Blues?

    Can't make the Chelsea game, just wondered whether there are any blues in the Dorset area, preferably Dorchester/Weymouth, who will be meeting up somewhere to watch the game? Don't want to end up in a pub full of Chelsea! Cheers.
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    Safe Standing

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 2.htm#l1g1</a> "A Bill to Give all football clubs the freedom to build, or...
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    Wolves cup game - 2 adult tix, £30 - ignore, not available

    As title, messed up with dates on this one, so if anyone interested please pm.
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    Sussex/Brighton blues

    Having to miss the Swansea game as will be in Brighton. Any blues down there recommend a decent boozer in town centre, even better if there's anywhere blues meet up to watch games? Cheers.
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    Replacement for Joe Hart

    Paddy Kenny?! wtf third from last para: <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ...</a>
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    How to get to Hamburg

    Some useful options on here: <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... there.html</a>
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