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    Nedum's Podcast.

    Well worth going through the catalogue...Latest one is with Vinny.
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    Twittergeddon 2020

    A large scale hacking event is currently going on, where high profile accounts are promising free bitcoins. Musk, Bezos, Gates etc. The upside is, all blue tick accounts can no longer post. Which is great considering they hand them out to no marks like sweets, and those are the ones who...
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    “We’re not really here tour” t-shirt

    A bit tone deaf given the circumstances or is it just me? Behold, a celebration of behind closed doors football, thanks to a pandemic. Yours for £22.
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    Who is America?

    Sorry if there's already a thread, merge if so. Baron Cohen is back doing what he does, hit and miss until the end which is almost Brass Eye worthy.
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    Robinho article.... Obviously he was a fish out of water at the time. Mad he is now 33. Gave us some great goals at the time. Glad we have a more approriate player in Leroy now.
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    Anyone bought the St Marks gear?

    Had any issues if so?
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    Chrome and CPU temps..

    Hey. This last week Chrome has been sending my i6700k temps through the roof. Peaking at 92c, and holding around 80+. Anyone else had similar?
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    Hull's owners not offering kids or OAP ticket pricing. / Bruce quits

    Disgraceful, hope the fans/league can sort this out. Yesterday, HCST Chairman Geoff Bielby attended a very positive inaugural meeting with senior executives of the Premier League including Richard Scudamore, the league’s Chief...
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    New version of Blue Moon?

    Many were asking what happened to the Supra version, and to be honest I don't know, but before the women's game yesterday, there was a version played which I'd not heard before. IT WAS TERRIBLE. Just a bit of forewarning should it make an appearance Saturday.
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    David Squires cartoons.

    I imagine people have seen these, but for those that haven't, take a look. Some of the little details he puts in are very funny, and he generally gets it more right than wrong.
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    Go down...

    Sorry, but to get by, we need to start playing the European game. I hate it. I really do, but.. Breaking and get a tug? Go down. Nudge going for a header? Go down. Dinho's one summed it up, when he brought the ball back assuming it was a free, but he stayed up. Result Barca throw. I...
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    Do the soccer.

    And so it begins...
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    So has the mcfc twitter been mentioned yet?

    Out of character for the club's media team, with a sly dig. How did that pan out? We're looking forward to hosting you @OfficialASRoma, and a legendary player such as Totti. He's never scored in England, has he? #CityvRoma
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    Tram disruption sat 22nd fyi

    Give it plenty of time all. Customers travelling from Bury will need to catch a tram to Crumpsall then catch a connecting bus service to Piccadilly station and join the Ashton or Velopark service to the Etihad Campus stop.   Customers travelling from Rochdale to Central Park can catch a...
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    Banner: Family stand.

    What is the relevance of that banner behind the goal that has a 1, a goal, and a City badge on it?
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    sort the pitch out.

    Looked a disgrace tonight compared to its normal quality.
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    Not one for the toilet threads but..

    This has puzzled me for ages. What is with most blokes need to have a good mouth dribble in a urinal? Just don't get it myself. Wronguns.
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    Should've gone to Specsavers

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... too-small/</a> There's a stream of it leaving the small airfield at the...
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    Generation War.

    Not sure if anyone's seen this series, I believe it's to be shown on BBC soon. Seen it referred to as 'The German Band of Brothers' in some reviews. That's misleading to be honest, but it's well worth a watch. There are streams out there, which I wont post for the usual reasons.
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