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    Christie Hospital

    Hope I'm not crossing any site boundaries here, but the Christie Hospital has suffered huge reductions in donations over the last year due to fund raising events not taking place etc. I realise there are thousands of charities needing money, but as 1 in 2 of us will get cancer at some point...
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    Bluemoon Car Club

    How the hell do you clean car windows? I've tried all sorts of stuff and gadgets and I just end up knackered and the windows still look crap. Somebody must know the right cleaner to buy and the technique
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    Yorkshire Bank

    I'm sure I read on here not long ago that Yorkshire Bank / Virgin Money were in trouble and I bank with them. Today I've had a random email from Virgin Money saying they are covered by the FSCS for savings up to £85k. All well and good, but does anybody know if money in our current account is...
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    No Comebacks

    You've got a free punch at anybody with no comebacks at all Mine would be Russel Brand partly for being a greasy twat and partly for what he did to Andrew Sachs. In fact I dislike the **** so much, a couple of thousand free punches wouldn't be enough to square my circle
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    1894 Group Banner

    The BBC's Gossip column has The Times reporting that.... A group of Manchester City supporters will vent their anger towards Uefa on Friday by unveiling a huge banner protesting against the governing body's treatment of the club Anybody heard any details?
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    Sportsperson you've loved and hated

    Leave out football which could become a bit predictable Loved - Mohammad Ali, greatest athlete and showman Hated - Alex Higgins, an embaressment to a gentlemans game
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    You Tube

    I can watch videos in threads providing they're from a phone. If the link is to a You Tube video, it wont play and I just see a black screen and an error message. This only happens in Firefox, it's ok in Google, but I prefere to use Firefox. If I go to the You Tube site I can watch videos, no...
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    Its all about Treo

    Im usually in the concourses during half time. but on this one occasion I got back to my seat early and saw a soldier walking round the pitch with a dog, The man is a City fan and the dog is Treo The story of what they did in the Taliban war is unbelivable. It's a story of Treo detecting...
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    Ever been ripped off?

    When I was about 20 years old I bought my first car, a sky blue mini city, honest. The owner took me for a drive around and all seemed ok so I handed over the money and drove the car home as a happy chap. The next day I went around a corner and heard this really bad rubbing sound which turned...
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    New cars

    The new 20 reg plates have been out since 1st March but I've only seen a couple. Bad days for the car industry it seems
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    Gliderol garage door

    Anybody out there who can fix my door? Seems to be a problem with the main control box
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    Jimmy Greaves

    If you're of a certain age and have BT Sports, you might be interested in a documentary about Greavsie which is on tomorrow night. About 10:30 I think.
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    Inter Miami

    Beckhams Inter Miami have made contact with David Silva and Sergio's representatives according to the Sun. I can possibly see David going there but surely not Kun. One more season with us and then back home for the rest of his career
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    Sound Cards

    My Christmas present to myself will be building a new pc as mine is about 10 years old now. I think I've made all of the important choices, Ryzen 5, Gigabyte B450 Aorus motherboard, Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD, and a Powercooler 8GB Radeon rx 580 graphics card. I have a brilliant Asus sound...
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    Who have you seen tonight

    We were in the Shalimar restaurant in Uppermill tonight and Kenny Clements was there. I think he has a driving school now.
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    Whenever there's a tweet in a post, I see the 'loading tweet' message but it disappears before I can click on it and then nothing happens. If I get lucky and manage to click on the message before it disappears then the tweet opens as normal. Any advice, thanks
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    Thomas Cook

    Can't see this anywhere else and I don't want to worry people for no reason, but apparently Thomas Cook are on the verge of collapse and are desperately trying to sell assets to keep them afloat. Next 24 hours will be crucial
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    Advent calendars

    Now on sale in Asda Chadderton Good grief
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    Seen it all now

    Got on the tram last night at Victoria, going into China Town. As the tram rolls in, we have to wait while a load of luvvies and chinless wonders get off, all saying goodbye to each other in the doorways. 'Caio (sp)' 'Bye Honey' 'love you' etc etc. Finally they get off, and we can get on...
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    Bang goes the holiday

    Just seen Thomas Cook flight 1674 to Heraklion on flightradar24. It got all the way south to the middle of France and then turned back, came past Manchester, did 5 or 6 180 degree turns over Blackburn and is now about to land back in Manchester. Three hours flying to get back where you started...
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