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    Right winger?

    I would suggest that aside from a certain left back or perhaps two Mahrez is our least liked and perhaps affective player. However what do we do with him ? He is older than most of our players so will be one of the next ones out the door even if we keep him but who will pay what we want in the...
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    Financial results ?

    Have our financial results not come out yet ? Is something wrong ? When do they have to be out by ? What are we expecting from the results ? Might they be better than expected given players like Sane Silva and Bravo leaving Have any clubs been at all clear on how much Corona is costing them...
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    Players who can talk in Jan and sign for free in the Summer

    Below is a list of players that can talk to other clubs in January and sign for free in the summer Anyone we should get ? Should we get them for free or pay a small fee ? Think the best options are Messi Alba / Bernat Malik And if we did not have the players we do Donnarumma Thoughts...
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    Teams not ready for the new season or something else ?

    The new season seems to have a lots of goals penalties some poor play United Spurs even Liverpool would not have conceded as many goals as the other weekend against Leeds. Is this because teams are not ready for the new season or is it that they are playing a high line if so why ? or maybe its...
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    Backroom changes ?

    So there are some changes in regards to the coaching team at youth level. We also had someone mention one of the phsyio leaving and during the season we hired someone from the lawn tennis association as performance director. I also saw a post on here while back claiming that we would be getting...
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    Valencia Covid Financial issues any potential bargains ?

    Not sure if this should be in the Covid thread general football transfer or separate but worth a mention So apparently the whole Val team are for sale bar Gaya. Anyone we should look at other than Ferran not seen much of Gaya but he was supposed to be very good a few years ago still only 25...
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    How do our wages compare to other clubs these days ? I remember seeing after the CAS verdict Liverpool fans say how they where convinced that we where paying our players more than is reported. Mentioned Mancini getting payments of the Abu Dhabi as reason for believing this. Then started talking...
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    Losing youth players

    Are we making a mistake ? What else can we do ? Are the players leaving over hyped now everyone seems to be the next sancho. Have seen similar headlines about the lad that went to Leeds and the one who is going to United. Can we change the narrative ? If so how ...
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    Cameron Coxe

    We are apparently set to sign a 21 year old right back released by Cardiff who has only made 4 appearances Why ?
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    Danny Rose

    I know I am going to get pelters for this but I seem to remember we where linked with him around the same time we bought Walker. What happened to result in him being on loan at Newcastle ? If Mendy can stay fit (looks likely at the moment) engage his brain and we get a CB (likely)big ifs I...
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    FFP and Transfer

    Feeling very optimistic about transfers linked regularly and reliably to some very good players in key positions most of them at good value and with plenty of time to improve. Think it will be the best summer ever So I have been think about who might be leaving and also the optics of our...
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    Keeping track of transfers ?

    In previous seasons we have a had thread with ins and outs and fees attached. is it possible for someone to either create one or post below and I will add the details here on the front page. Mods delete this if needs be
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    Is left back really a problem?

    When we started the season I thought we might be stronger than last year. We had bought a left back who Whilst I was worried about how he would do in this league I thought his stats and performances where sufficient to make him able to manage most of the teams and the buy back made him a bargain...
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    Malang Sarr

    Don’t know much about this lad don’t think I have seen him play but remember him being raves about a year or so ago. Was good on FIFA haha Looked at some review of him online looks like a City defender plays for Nice under Patrick Vieira they play high line and press and pass the ball out from...
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    Are we signing more young players this window?

    Are we signing more young players than usual this window ? from the other transfer threads it’s seems like we are signing more young players than previous seasons would appreciate a full list. Noticed the Mail,MEN,and Mirror are mentioning us signing someone from Bulgaria don’t think they...
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    So unless Bravo or Carson extend their deals we will probably need and second and third choice keeper. A hard role to fill due to lack of game time. Really like the look of zack but do not want to see him just on the bench. Would not be surprised if he went on loan again and then replaced...
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    Salary Cap?

    A lot of media people and a few clubs lower down the football league talking up a salary cap whats everyones thoughts on the idea ? On the one had I am principle opposed to regulation in sport that we would not see elsewhere on the other football seems incapable of operating efficiently. I can...
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    Cost buying players in the future and timing of future purchases

    Given the affects of Corona Virus could lead to players being much cheaper should hold off and wait and see what other clubs are paying for players. We do not want to pay 60 70 million for a player if the going rate for players we want is now 20 30 40 million
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    The state of football financially

    So despite FFP and huge revenues some of the top football teams are getting their players to take pay cuts due to Corona virus. Either they are wrong to do so and do not actually need to or football finances are still a mess despite FFP and huge revenues. They are presumably claiming lost...
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    Performance Director

    So the Daily Mail are reporting that the Performance Director for the Law Tennis Association is to join us in a similar role. We where told that there would be a shake up off the field in the close season expect some scouts to go as we have expanded CFG and taken on the clubs scouts expect some...
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