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    Email from our CEO

    Assume everyone has received the email from our chairman. Thoughts? I felt it wasn’t very heartfelt personally although I wasn’t expecting much.
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    The Athletic article on Alfie Haaland and Keane

    There’s a really interesting article looking back at that horror tackle by Keane on Haaland in the derby. I hope journalists ask young Haaland about it and show him the video. Anything to taint his view of that club :)
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    Open Arms Charity

    It’s fantastic to see Pep supporting this brilliant charity, OPEN ARMS. They help save thousands of refugee lives and assist in their support and aid. If anyone wants more info have a look:
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    The No 1 Purge Thread

    With the end of what I can comfortably say is the most difficult year I’ve ever experienced, there’s one thing that bluemooners want to know above all else. No, it’s not will a Brexit deal be reached. And no it’s not will a vaccine save us all in 2021... We want to know from the MODS, what’s...
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    Our attack - what's off?

    This is being debated in various different threads and I thought it deserves its own one. We've been known as one of the best, if not THE best, attacking side in the premier over the last few seasons. However last year we saw our attack stutter at certain times and it seems that trend has...
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    Phil Foden to leave England camp

    Caught bringing girls into his hotel room. Isn't he married with a kid? Didn't expect this from him (I know he's a 20 year old and will make mistakes), he's normally so clean-cut.
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    Bunga Bunga City

    If true, Pep's not going to like this.
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    Australia Fires

    There must be a thread on this? If not, why not? Is Bluemoon a forum full of climate deniers or something?
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    Drug Prohibition - Yay or Nay

    I've been having this debate with friend and family for many years and thought I'd canvass the opinion of Bluemooners... My feeling is that drug prohibition really doesn't work - It's failed for decades! On a national and international level drug consumption has largely increased periodically...
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    Arctic’s on fire

    Oh goody
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    Manchester City achieve historic Treble (quadruple).

    Remarkable season. Best manager in the world. One of the best teams of all time. Lucky to be a blue.
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    Zinchenko's rap video

    If you've just watched Soccer AM you'll know Foden mentioned this but here's our very own, Zinchenko, launching his rap career. Wow.
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    La Liga president Tebas to take over from Scudmore

    According to the Times outspoken La Ligations president Tebas, who has been highly critical of us, is the front runner to replace Scudmore. Well wouldn't this make him a fucking hypocrite. Thoughts blues?
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    Next possible superstar

    I used to follow our EDS and under 18s fairly regularly but due to various I’ve stopped watching, tracking most games. Question to those in the know. Is there anyone breaking through into the under 18s or under 21s who you’d say has a genuine chance to become a star? We were obviously...
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    Carragher spits at fan / now prank on g neville backfires

    Just seen a video of carragher, while driving, spitting through the window after a fan taunts him. What a tramp!
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    Newcastle investigated over 'systemic abuse of tax system This kind of sums up everything that is wrong in the modern world. Here's a company and a group of individuals who are very blessed to be earning ridiculous amounts of money and what do they do, try...
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    Surgeon stabbed randomly in Hale

    Surprised no one has made a thread about this. Shocking!
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    European or World League

    Like the majority on here I was dead against this idea for years and years. I worried it would kill the domestic game and lower leagues, it would ruin the match going experience both home and away, that it would kill the working class routes of football. But is it all that bad? Now bear with...
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    Juan Carlo @ City

    I know many don't have the stomach for politics and football so I apologise to those in advance but it disgusts me Juan Carlos, former king of Spain, was given a nice freebie seat in the execs by our club yesterday. This is a man that likes to hunt elephants in his spare time, uses government...
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    The fans are bigger at Spurs

    This deserves its own thread. Pochettino just called our fans small and said Spurs are a bigger club. Thoughts blues? Let's give them a warm welcome tomorrow hey.
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