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    Jeremy Clarkson Oh dear...
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    New Chinese Flu Outbreak...

    Been watching this develop over a couple of weeks now. This coming week umpteen billion Chinese are going to be in transit for the Chinese new year, so this could get interesting and quickly. Or not, the press do love a good scare story. Now, where did i put that Tamiflu...?
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    Astoundingly dumb people... Words fail me....
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    Photo sharing...

    One for the tech heads out there.... :-) After nearly 19 years, I'm finally making an honest woman out of the missus in three weeks time (i know, i know....) and am looking for the best way for all the guests to be able to upload their photos to one central website. I was going to use...
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    The Vole...

    Anyone else see the small vole running along the pitch in the 2nd half on Sunday? It ran for about 20 yards up the pitch opposite Block 106, hiding in divots as it went. I didn’t see where it finished up as I got distracted by the game :-/ I’m no expert on rodents, but it seemed too small for...
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    I just logged into Bluemoon on my Samsung, to be greeted by a Shite team logo sponsoring a dodgy Russian airline, offering me free tickets to the swamp. I know advertising revenue is the way forward, but fuck me! An explanation is required
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    Baclofen for Alcohol addiction

    A football forum may not be the best place for this, but a close family member has a serious issue with alcohol. The guy in question, and the family as a whole, are desperate for help. His life, his career, and his home is rapidly going down the toilet. Apparently Baclofen when prescribed as a...
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    Piers Morgan and Gun Control

    Now I am no fan of Piers Morgan, I think he is a phone tapping capital idiot, and for the most part I pay no heed to him or his spoutings. That said, I was mildly interested in his standoff with the American pro-gun lobby after the Sandy Hook school shootings, which is why I read the piece in...
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    Apple iPhone Maps - Old Toilet...

    Maybe someone at Apple has a sense of humour... Quoted from the Telegraph.. "Apple has promised its new iPhone Maps app will improve and admitted it was "just getting started" after customers criticised major omissions and errors. The new Maps app was introduced this week as part of iOS6 and...
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    Martin Samuel The Mail - Great read and FFP reality bite

    Read more: Maybe it was the song. There is something rather wonderful about the coda to Hey Jude, something very affecting. They were at a peak then, The Beatles...
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    Michael Tarnat

    Just watched the rewind of the 2003 Blackburn away game on the OS. I had forgotten about Tarnats free kick!! Bloody hell a damn fine goal!!
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    Cal Crutchlow

    For those who follow Moto GP Am gutted for the lad, i think he could have got amongst 'em today The curse of the home GP
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    Accident Carrington Lane

    Heard a blue was involved. Mario to be specific. Anybody heard anything? Am i having my chain yanked?
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    Films you want to hate, but quietly enjoy...

    Just watched Dirty Dancing with the missus, really want to hate it, but to this day, i cant help but enjoy it. It just makes me feel good. Or maybe it has something to do with fancying the pants of Jennifer Grey...
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    Daily Express Mick Dennis

    Have just read this in the Express from Mick Dennis. Have i missed something? Bullies? A single point difference from this time last year (having played Arse, Cheski, Spud and Dippers already) and hes putting the boot into Bob?? Now Im not sure, i could be wrong, a bit paranoid perhaps, but...
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    The calm AFTER the storm

    Brian Reade in the Mirror seeing things as they really are. Wonder if this will be the first of a few more "rational" thoughts after last weeks hysterics...
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    USA Womens Soccer - Dirty Mares!

    Never done this before, so here goes:
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    i really need a poo !!

    My teenage son
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    The first "c" in Mancini

    Im not Italian Is it pronounced see as "Man See Nee" or Chee as in Man Chee Nee Just curious.
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    Are the old foamers the new clappers?

    And vice versa... There seems to have been an amusing switch in polarity. It will be like living in a parallel universe. In a previous life, i was a "clapper", so i will start it!! Mancini OUT its all got very serious on here, jus a feeble attempt at wit... ;-)
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