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    2015/16 Home Kit

    F*cking hell, doesn't Dunney look slimmer in that photo!
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    2015/16 Home Kit

    Looks more grey than orange to me... ;)
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    Things people dont do anymore

    Eagerly anticipate the release of a new Phil Collins album?
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    Things people dont do anymore

    Any knickers on any of them?
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    Things people dont do anymore

    Wear Bowler hats
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    Things people dont do anymore

    People don't kick white dog poo down the street anymore.
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    virgin broadband in the ol9 area

    It's caused by Blueincy's prolific posting in the Animated Gifs of the Day thread. He's slowing the entire internet down.
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    Yesterdays News...

    Subscribe to The Times and The Sunday Times.
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    Dental Hygienist Advice Needed

    That Cat AIDS gets everywhere doesn't it?
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    All Inclusive Holidays

    Agree with Chabal. All-in for me means piss beer, and shit food, that you feel obliged to stay in hotel and eat because you've already coughed up for it. Self catering is the way to go, so you can experience the local tavernas.
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    Most Confident Film Character Is fairly sure of himself...
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    If the Pogba rumours are true...

    Fuck Pogba off, he's over-rated anyway. City have to make a take-it-or-leave-it offer to Villa for Tom Cleverly. £45m should do the trick.
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    The really useful gadget thread ; Part one the Tassimo

    braun electric toothbrush? La-de-da. Posh fucker.
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    Bali death sentence

    Are you sure that isn't outside the Liver Building?
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    man with no penis keeps it secret

    Good lad.
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    Klopp would be my first choice.
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    Play "Your Call" - The Fun New Domestic Abuse Game

    I have met the chap once or twice down at the lodge, lovely chap, but his missus is a nightmare. Nothing to see here.
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    Man dies having sex with a scarecrow

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    Favourite lines from Viz