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    Beard advice

    It was a year ago that the youngest This! challenged me to a "bet you can't not shave on holiday" thing and I've been a ravishing hipster ever since. Always, always been clean shaven before. Embarking at that time on more internet dating shenanegans I never before realised how many gals just...
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    Why can't yanks use a knife and fork?

    I've never tried a yank with a fork. Sounds painful, though I'll try anything once...
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    New forum software

    P.s. very, very disappointed that the "ahem, strawberry blondes" thread still does not feature. Shambolic...
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    New forum software

    Been out and about doing some real life stuff, though has anyone blamed ffsmahrez or gundogan for all this confusion yet?
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    Not a bad tune, though along with she sells sanctuary a bit too mainstream for me. "Phoenix" is the best track on the album.
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    I am finally going to ask a woman to coffee

    Damn you. I thought this whole sorry saga was about to reach a simmering crecendo of lust, then nothing. Just damn you...
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    Real Madrid (H) Pre-Match Thread

    May we start booing yet?
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    Crazy Explosion at Beirut Port (video)

    Crikey. That's just awful...
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    Punk and New Wave thread.

    Zounds were great. One, two three go...
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    Hoping for a swift and full recovery. Good luck!
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    Real Madrid (H) Pre-Match Thread

    Surely uefa will see sense here, cancel the tournament and award the trophy to it's current holders for this season as "the bestest team in the world ever"* Dick van dyke obviously had rumblings of this when he posed for that "double winner" pic last week...
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    I'm At The BM crossroads.

    It's not you, it's me. Perhaps we can still be friends...
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    Who should take our 5 penalties in a penalty shootout?

    Irrelevant. VAR will see to that...
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    Where Is The Male G-Spot?

    As a psychotic dictator, I have recently discovered my inner despot...
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    Where Is The Male G-Spot?

    Try popping a small rodent or two inside. They'll sniff it out in a jiffy. Alegedly...
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    Serious Question

    Just bamboozle the banshee in to submission with your superior wit and intelligence. Easy.
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    CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)

    Just who is this shalualahmustache person? They post sensible, articulate facts on bluemoon... burn it! It's a witch!
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    Etihad sponsorship

    I think we'll announce a 567billion deal soon. Our kits will be delightful with simply the word "OIL" on them...