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  1. J

    Have you seen some of the comments from neutrals!?

    Which is why I made a point of clarifying that I wasn't saying that about you. FFS!
  2. J

    Have you seen some of the comments from neutrals!?

    I've got to say, if I was a sixth former from Stoke/Stafford I would be reluctant to be congratulating Chelsea and Arsenal 'fans' of the same age and from the same age of me about 'their' success. For the same reasons that I only talk to genuine rags (and not the plastic, know-nothing variety)...
  3. J

    Ballotelli Missing

    Fuck me. I couldn't really care less about the parade (although I don't buy the lazy assumption that Prandelli would not allow a few hours wiggle time to a title winner) but you have to tone it down with your crush on Balotelli. A monster and unplayable because he tracked back to win a ball...
  4. J

    Steve Kean video

    Where's that story about his mates being in control of Blackburn? Some of the pish he spouts you have to think that either he is off his rocker or knows that there is no chance of him ever getting the push.
  5. J

    Barton's latest tweet LOL

    Doesn't help himself, does he?
  6. J

    Sunderland reaction

    Just started a thread on this that seems to have disappeared. Is it....... ?
  7. J

    Have we missed Gary Cook ?

    I bet you can't find many, if any, threads I have started about Garry Cook. All I do is respond to the massively over the top praise and cult of personality stuff that gets spouted about him on here. I assure you I have no connection with the bloke, whatsoever. But it isn't me that constantly...
  8. J

    Big News

    Sorry, lads. Upon further investigation, it turns out that it was a load of bollocks.
  9. J

    Have we missed Gary Cook ?

    Two invaluable contributions from 'ITKs' there.
  10. J

    Have we missed Gary Cook ?

  11. J

    Have we missed Gary Cook ?

    To clarify this, I don't 'hate' Garry Cook. I don't know the bloke, for a start. However, occasionally I exaggerate a bit when it comes to him to counteract the cult of personality "top bloke" crap that surrounded/surrounds him (which that post was indicative of). Much of which he encouraged...
  12. J

    Big News

    Not sure that that is called for.......... Just double checking a couple of thing. Hold the fort, PMers. News coming forthwith! Pretty surprising pastry news, this one. Could also incorporate a related tweak to the appearance of one lesser selling products. Steady as she goes...
  13. J

    Have we missed Gary Cook ?

    Fuck me! Got to be the most out of place comment I've ever read. Just remember, blues. When City hoist the trophy on Sunday, wipe all thought of your fellow fans from your mind. Don't think about blues who would have loved to have shared the moment but have passed on. Don't recall past City...
  14. J

    Big News

    Ah, sorry, just logged back on after being called away. Very interesting discussion re the new Greggs too actually. Anyway, I'm kind of regretting putting this up here now. It won't directly affect me but it's quite ground breaking news and I'm a bit worried about the source. I'm afraid that...
  15. J

    Big News

    Just got some very interesting, big, big news about the location of the new Gregg's store opening in central Manchester. Bit too much to put on here. PM if interested.
  16. J

    5 Live interview Sunday morning?

    Big Mal's Cigar will be down there that early, just in case Mark Bowen thinks he can sneak in without being noticed. He'd be up for it.
  17. J

    My football life flashing before me

    Nice one, Dave. I often think that that Gillingham game is some sort of magical, unearthly experience. The way the result unfolded, obviously. But also the wider context and the fact that so many people genuinely felt that a loss there would have seen the club in a trough from where it would...
  18. J

    Caption Competion

    "Listen, I don't care how much he wants to get back with me. His hair transplant looks shit and it's too late. I've thought about it and he's runner-up (again) to Albert from the Legion. Tell him that. You were a shit right back too, pal." "Say vhat you vant about Mussolini but zis bus vould...
  19. J

    The Power of Prayer

    I think you'll find God is red as that Little Pea bloke prays to him before every match (and he HAS TO, just HAS TO, make sure that everyone knows about it). Can you just imagine this God looking down and seeing all the problems in the world. Every time someone prays a request slips lands on...
  20. J

    Open arms for new fans !

    If I read the above correctly then you are saying that being in Manchester and being able to regularly watch City and invest so much time and effort into that has absolutely no impact on your enjoyment of or feeling of connection to City. That spending so much time and effort on City has no...