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    Anyone watching these games? v Arse today 2018 League Cup. Really much better than Arse. Last few games have had talking heads over the game. The chatter is really killing the atmosphere of the game. Where do they ideas from?
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    Burnley Could go bust by August. What.a.f..king.shame.
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    1974 - shirt?

    Hi everyone. I am sure someone on here will know. Was there a specific 1974 shirt or was it one that carried over from previous years. My son was born in ‘74 and wanted to get him one. Thanks. Did we have one for the LC Final that year? Just realised it was ‘that’ Law goal that year. :)
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    EFL trophy v Shrewsbury 3 Dec

    Anyone know how we can follow this game? Nothing on main site.
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    Sleeping on aircraft.

    I fly long haul every year to NZ. How do people get to sleep? Apart from upgrading to Business Class(expensive) or getting blathered. I always ask for more leg room. So what tips and tricks do people have to help get you to sleep?
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    Why do England rugby fans sing slave song Swing Low, Sweet Chariot?

    As usual the good old BBC not done any sort of research. I have never played the game but I used to follow the rugby team of the units I was posted to during the 60's and this was a very popular drinking song, with (in)appropriate gestures to the words. So it is not surprising that it is sung...
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    I am using these people to create a wedding album for our daughter. Has anyone any experience of using them? You tell them what you want and then they design it for you.
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    Enjoying football

    I have been a City fan since I could walk. Went to my first match around 55/56 at Maine Road on the wall behind the goal at the scoreboard end. I have always loved watching City. I have found over the last few years that games are becoming less enjoyable. Teams always tend to play the same way...
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    Dippers v Chavs. Dippers played Friday. Chavs played Sunday. What a coincidence. There is no such thing as coincidence.
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    I am just an old git wasn’t long ago when we followed the yanks and had graduation ceremonies after Uni and prom balls. I can understand that as it is a huge turning point in people’s lives from full time education into the outside world of work. Then it started after sixth form and...
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    Noah Ohio

    Anyone know anything about this young man?? First I have heard.
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    Orchid care.

    Any orchid enthusiasts on here? My wife has about 12 which grow very well and bloom well. Over the last two winters we have been away in NZ and she usually puts them in the middle of the kitchen on the draining board and our daughter comes in once a fortnight and gives them a little watering...
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    Anyone have any recommendations please. I want to take a whole bunch of photos at a wedding and I want our daughter in New Zealand to have access to them and ‘order’ any she likes. I will then get them printed. So need an ‘online’ tool she can access. May be several hundred photos. Anyone any...
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    Getting really peed off with this today. Whenever I go on newsfeed I get ‘Popular on Facebook’. When on my phone it gives me Find Friends and won’t go on newsfeed. I don’t use the app just internet access. Is this them trying to force me to use the app? Or am I doing something fundamentally wrong?
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    Where’s the money gone?

    I have been meaning to post this for a while. Where has all the money gone? We pay our taxes and VAT went up ‘temporarily’ a few years ago to 20%. So where has all the money gone. Just about every public service is short of money. Councils will get nothing from the government next year, our...
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    Autonomous vehicles.

    In my last 5 year in the forces I worked on this project. It has taken nearly 30 years to get it off the ground and the technology to get to the state where it can be used.
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    New UEFA tounie

    Is this so that the rags can be fitted in?
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    Pep v FA

    Looks like the FA are after Pep for the comments about the ref before the game. Surprised PEP fell for it. The guy who asked the question must be rubbing his hands with glee.
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    Sympathy applause

    Don’t want to sound unsympathetic but...anyone else getting a little bit tired of people trying to get the crowd to applaud at particular times after the passing of members of the family/friends. It appears to me this is happening almost every week. I thought the club has a particular day of the...
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    The egg chasers

    What a wonderful game this v Boks. Could go either way. Weathered the storm in the first half when we could have gone down by 2 tries but really come on strong in the second half. Still could go either way.