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    Football Books/Biographies

    Now normally, I'm a fiction kind of guy. Sci-Fi mostly and the old stuff at that, but recently Ive been bored of it. I am a little hungry for some football history but when I googled it, one of the first things to come up was I Am Zlatan so screw that, Ill ask people that I know would never...
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    Premier League Goals and Review 11/12

    When is this coming out? I love the review deals and after that roller coaster last year, I'm desperate to relive it. I know we have our own season review which Ill probably get as well, but I prefer the whole season review. Here a picture of last years if anyones confused :
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    Which one of you was it.. Hahaha is this shit for real? I like James Degale and saw this... well, rather odd story. Manc Steriod Crew.... One witness said: "Several Manchester lads got into a row with him. It...
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    Everton Earlier in the Season

    Just got done watching the highlights on the official site as it has been awhile and what do you know! Carlos shoots and the equalizer is about to go in before Jo gets in the way of it hahaha I had forgotten about this game. I remember being so frustatded after Balos chip went off the...
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    Cardiff vs Middlesbrough

    Anyone watching? Middlesbrough just scored in the 3rd hurting cardiffs promotion chances. Bellamy starting and hopefully up for it.
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    Yaya VS West Ham Round II

    Our game against West Ham earlier in the year might be favorite. Yaya was like a bulldozer and no one came close to being able to handle him and now with Parker likely out, I expect an even better performance! Im very excited to see what he has in store for tomorrow, those box to box runs are...
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    Balotelli Article from Hell

    Haha this is a joke article written by my favorite blog. I thought it was quite humorous, he pokes fun at all clubs, including his. Just thought I would share, I laughed.. The Royal Family was left stunned on Friday when professional footballer Mario Balotelli invaded the reception at...
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    Not So Fast Balotelli...

    For most of the season, I have assumed that Mario would not be coming back next year. With the italian newspapers, his attitude, I just figured he didnt give a shit and was only using us for one year to go back to Italy, most likely ac milan. I loved him when the year started I thought he was...
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    What's the Plan?

    Ok great win today! Looking forward from here, what is the plan to assure top 4? Surely everyone is done being rested, so now what do we do? How would you approach the rest of the season? Me, I would go out and attack for the next 6 games, never letting my foot up and ensuring that spurs cant...
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    Dead Heads UNITE!

    So, Ive been jammin to some dead today and thought, "hey, I wonder how the dead are received across the pond, why not ask my fellow blues?" Love em? How could you not right. Post your favorite songs and any if your old enough to have seen them (wish I was, being 21 sadly am not.) <a...
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    Almost Fell Asleep.

    Anyone else feel like we are one of the most boring teams? Jesus I have never before almost fell asleep watching City before but when we have 3 defensive midfielders in the game and sit on one point leads its hard to watch. I miss exciting fun football. Not this drab Italian style football where...
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    "Wolves Survive 'Fergie' Time"

    <a class="postlink" href=";_ylt=AgsiJTpBgPqTwHBeKFRuq5H44414?urn=sow-317321#comments" onclick=";return false;"> ... 1#comments</a>...
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    Ade tonight?

    Watchin the Real Madrid game waiting to see if he comes on later, has anyone heard if hes supposed to tonight?
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    Dzecko preferred Juve? Says Agent

    Whats all this nonsense about??? Just now reading all this B.S and didnt see a thread about it. Supposedly his agent is saying the only reason he signed is because he is impatient. Don't want to believe it! <a class="postlink"...
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    Mancini VS Cesc

    What was this all about after the match??? I tried to get on here and see what everyone was saying on the matchday thread but of course by that time Zab had gotten into it with Sagna and the rags and other guests had flooded the site. Anyone have any info or guesses as to what was said? Both...