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    She wants a kitten. I have finally relented under pressure so a kitten it will be. So do any within an hour or so drive of South Cheshire (manchester fine) have any kittens that need a home to rule and have a silly twat at its beck and call?
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    Flight in a Spitfire

    A totally random and hypothetical question, Who would if given the chance bet £10 on a 40/1 chance of getting to fly in a Spitfire. In effect pay £10 to enter a draw with 39 others and 1 of you gets to live the dream and fly in the Spit.
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    End of the summer

    So weeks of glorious weather whilst lock down was at its most strict. Tomorrow its going to piss down and toward weekend actually going to be quite cold. Who thinks it will be a short break before a return to glorious summer weather? I am sorry to say I think thats it now, lots of pissing...
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    Toe nail removal surgery

    Right anyone had this? Got a dodgy big toe nail that looks like it may have to come off. Not at all happy about the thought but it needs to go. Its a bastard and keeps getting pretty painful and I am hacked off with it but keep putting off sorting it out because I dont fancy the surgery. So...
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    Moldova, Transnistria, and Albania

    Having decided to fly to Corfu in September and catching a ferry to Albania then taking a couple of weeks to make my way up to Zadar to join the good lady for her two week sabbatical, it suddenly struck me that travelling through Albania could involve all sorts of fun and games...anyone one here...
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    Right after 20 years of having travelled only in the UK, Purplenose is climbing aboard big metal bird and going behind the iron curtain to Croatia. I will be staying in close to Zadar. Has anyone been? Is beer and grub cheap and acceptable. Can you get Golden Virginia Rolling tobacco and...
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    Towns with the weirdest people

    Following on from the weirdest names how about the people....So places where blues have been live or lived where the people are just that little bit weird... I will kick off with Chesterfield, on the few occasions I have stopped there and not driven straight through it I have always felt like I...
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    The Balkans

    Think I must be having a mid life crisis or something. Anyway I am thinking of flying to Sofia and heading off on the trains and buses for 3 in weeks in May. Christ knows what they will make of a miserable old bastard turning up in the backpacker hostels. I can just see the picture...this is...
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    American football

    What an absolute massive pile of steaming dung it is.
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    Bluemoon of all medical knowledge

    What are rheumatoids? Apparently the normal level in a blood test is 14, what does it mean if your level is 177?
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    Hurricane Orphelia

    Are we going to cop any of it here in the North West or will it just be a windy day in October?? #pray4paddy
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    The Ben Stokes incident.

    Ben "bell end" Stokes.....What an absolute fukwit
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    Flu jab

    Anyone had one this year yet? Had mine on Wednesday and have been rough as a bears arse since.
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    Is our country divided forever?

    Over the past couple of years there have been some momentous political upheavals. Brexit and the general election if nothing else has highlighted the deep divisions across much of our society. I think the country is now in a rapid decline that will only deepen divisions and eventually will...
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    Big Congratulations to Macc Town

    Good to see a brilliant effort from Macc in getting to the FA Trophy Final beating Tranmere over two legs. For those who cant get enough of Wembley for the cost of £25 adults and just a quid for under 16s you can go and see both the FA Trophy and Vase Finals on the same day.
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    Storm Doris

    Anyone getting battered yet? Here in tropical South Cheshire its just pissing down no wind yet. Met next doors cat on the stairs before and asked it if it wanted me to let it out and it told me to fuck off so somethings coming.
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    A Rather unpleasant rag

    Right a little story for the great and good of Bluemoon to digest and then pass judgement.... Ladies and gentlemen of the bluemoon jury, you should know the following account of events concerns a rag of the very worst type, with every quality needed to make any normal human being want to see...
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    Right then time to come clean, who is a big girls blouse when it comes to spiders. Had the g/fs 16yr old son stay over. Thinks he is hard and all the rest of it, typical 16yr old lad. Anyway come running out of the shower "MUM MUM MUm there is a Spider in the was one of those with a...
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    Interesting Scenario possible

    Clearly there is no certainty for us finishing top 4, so imagine come the end of the season we havent made a champions league spot......however we were in the champions league final the opposition being ..............Bayern Munich.
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    In the best interest of our national team

    Once again tonight Vardy Kane and Alli all scored, Roy Hodgson must be thrilled.....however given they are all involved in a gruelling title case you have to worry that come the end of the season they will all be tired out, we really could do with all three of them picking up a minor injury that...