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    Running thread

    Any advice for breaking into new running trainers? I stupidly went for an 8 mile run with brand new trainers. Comfortable to wear until I got about 2 miles into the run and the soles of my feet were burning.
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    Running thread

    Good pace that. I got 21:21the other week. I've not managed under 20 mins yet outside but have done it on a treadmill
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    City fans copied by others?

    City til I die Chant I believe
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    Holiday advice

    £700 we had to pay Ryanair to change flights to next year. Certainly won’t be using them again after next year. Basically our hotel cancelled our booking in Lanzarote but got the full refund. We booked the flights separate but because the flight is still going ahead we couldn’t claim on our...
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    Denise Johnson RIP

    I’m sure it was the 93:20 podcast where I heard Ahsan interviewing Denise sometime last year. It was a great listen and she came across really well.
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    Running thread

    Swapped Lanzarote for Conwy for my holiday . Absolutely bouncing it down today. Went for a 3 mile run around the area around campsite, Jesus it was tough with the steep inclines .
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    Garmin down

    Still down . Check back shortly it said 24 hours ago. My runs are not real if I don’t see my data ;)
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    CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)

    Rival fans are clinging on to the Time barred theory. I know UEFA have tripped themselves up over this. Ignoring the Time barred suggestion was we guilty beforehand? I know we got punished and took a pinch but was this to appease UEFA and hope they’d go away ? Or was we definitely in the wrong...
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    The “Hateful Eight”

    Jesus I’m an admin on a football rivals forum and the abuse I’m getting on there from Liverpool and a United is hilarious. I’m splashing them with facts and batting them away but they still come back with same s**t. I posted the CAS letter and then a scouser called me a Thick c***t and have the...
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    Running thread

    Its great isn't it I'm really enjoying my runs. Did a 6 miler today and managed an average of 144 BPM which is borderline for me between Aerobic and Anaerobic zone. Still weird running slow and cant help getting annoyed when a few runners pass me.
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    Running thread

    Working away in Geordie land. Just done my Personal Best for a 3 mile run outside. 7 mins 7 secs per mile .
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    Match Thread | Southampton vs Man City (05/07/20)

    I was hoping this could be a blessing in disguise to show our mettle in coming from behind. We’ve been poor this season once going behind. We need to start finding a way to get back in games. Great game to watch. Been impressed with Cancelo apart from losing it on one occasion with Redmond but...
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    Running thread

    Just done my longest ever distance. 15 miles at low intensity. Confused though had a few days rest but couldn’t keep my heart rate down like last week even though it was a slightly slower pace. My average heart beat was 133 last weeks 13 mile run but was 148 today. Pace was 9 mins 56 per mile...
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    Running thread

    Ha ha. It’s always been a problem with me for some reason. I’ve even been toilet twice beforehand and still needed to go mid run. I’ve tried Imodium tablets the lot I was walking around a random field yesterday looking for a bush and got caught before crouching down , they must have thought I...
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    Running thread

    A few factors I suppose. I normally run in the morning but did it late afternoon. My heart rate was elevated more than normal before my run. Stomach slightly off Hard HIIT session on the Tuesday and full body workout on Wednesday Hard to decrease the HR once it’s elevated
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    Martin Tyler

    So far up both Neville and Carraghers arse it’s untrue. Imagine the small talk between them off mic, we will be slagged to f**k. Salah had half a chance near the end and I he still nearly shot his load . “SALAHHH!!!”.
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    Running thread

    Stuuuuu is the man on here mate. If you look at pages 210 and 222 (there’s more posts as well if you search stuuuuuu) he gives some explanations. Hope this helps
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    Running thread

    Strange run today. Done 8 miles at low intensity trying to keep heart rate down. Normally I would average 130bpm but I couldn’t get it under 150 today doing the same pace. Any ideas why this could be? Needed a number 2. 3 miles from home and had to walk back . At least that got the heart rate...
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    Man of the Match Newcastle Utd FA Cup Q/F (A)

    Gundogan superb. Kept things moving and mopping up and getting forward. Great game !!’
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    Running thread

    Thanks to the advice on this thread I have also slowed my runs down and it’s made the runs pleasant. I’ve just done a half marathon distance in 2 hours 10 (normally around 1 hour 50) and still had plenty of gas in the tank. It’s great taking in the scenery. Got drenched mind you but don’t mind...