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    The "View first unread post" button

    Click on your profile,click search users posts and click the RE: link,it wll take you to your last post in your chosen thread.
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    New Nike Kit 13/14? (Merged)

    Re: New Kit 13/14 Posted here last May <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... e__st__440</a>
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    New Nike Kit 13/14? (Merged)

    Re: New Kit 13/14 Looks like one that was designed on here by those template kit makers a while back.
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    Suarez (merged)

    Re: Suarez...... Best player in the league this season,reminds me of Tevez of a couple of years ago,carrying a team on his shoulders,Tevez still has the skills but seems to have lost some pace,Suarez younger and faster would be perfect here.
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    Yaya off early to Africa..

    League form last year was ok while he was away,but we did get knocked out of the FA cup by United and beat in the carling cup semi final to Liverpool.
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    Michael Johnson.....

    I don't think he will ever play a competitive league game ever again,sad to say at 24.
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    Stokes have spent quite alot since coming up to the premiership <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... sfers.html</a> More than a lot...
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    David Moyes

    He has won nothing,not even a league cup,even Alex McLeish has won one of those.
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    january signings

    Football fans have become accountants,swapping players based on money saved rather than who is the better player.
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    Setting ourselves up differently (merged)

    _______________Džeko_____________ ______________Aguero_____________ _______________Silva______________ _______________Yaya______________ ______________Barry_______________ ______________Garcia______________ _______Nastasic_________Kolo_______ __________Lescott_Kompany________...
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    Theo Walcott? ..

    Makes you wonder why Wenger didn't play him at centre forward sooner,especially given the dud strikers he has bought over the past few years.
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    Samir Nasri

    Re: Nasri He went head to head,flicking his head at Bassong as he did so,both should of gone,but Nasri should have no complaints and nor should we,take it and move on as has already been said.
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    Think i have found a prozzie!!

    Brilliant post! Ric should make put it onto the blog. :)
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    Think i have found a prozzie!!

    Is it the RVP in a coffin edition?
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    Think i have found a prozzie!!

    Just gone in the wardrobe and found one.Feckin hope its for me :o)
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    Twitcher Lays Down the Law.

    It can't be the same Harry Redknapp who said on TV not so long ago that he had no idea how much his players earned.
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    Photo editing software

    There are loads of online ones,no need for downloads. Here is one,but there are more if you google. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    City v Real in game discussion thread

    If this was any team in the premier league we would all think we could get back into it,fans and not just players need to take that self belief into europe.