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    Deleting text after deciding not to post

    Sometimes when you type in a reply you suddenly realise that the point you were making has been made further up the thread so you delete the text, the next time you come to post something that text is still there, no matter how many times you delete - it seems to only delete if you actually post...
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    Ligue 1 & 2: France's top two divisions will not resume this season
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    Joy Division or New Order?

    New Order had the more commercial success but Joy Division had much more soul. Ian Curtis always sung at full tilt and you could hear his emotion in the songs (especially live), therefore Joy Division > New Order. Sorry to anyone under 45.
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    Serial drink-driver avoids jail 'for being a woman' Well at least it sends out the right message to other potential drink drivers.
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    F.A. to have Wayne Rooney Testimonial Match
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    Is There Any Chance...

    ...that when you click on a page on Bluemoon, the adverts will load 30 seconds earlier than the rest of the page? I think it could prove to be really popular.
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    Fastest Player

    The video is so shite it looks like he is on a motorbike
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    Clicking on the Thread Title

    When you're on a thread, such as this, why is the thread title clickable? It actually just takes you back to the same place or am I missing something?
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    You're not fit to referee, you're not fit to referee. Who's the bastard in the black? You don't know what you're doing, you don't know what you're doing. That's all you need to know ;-)
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    Are they rascist? They make them in flesh colour but only for white people (apart from the blue ones you can get for caterers)
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    I've used Rapidshare for a few years now, I'd pay for 3 month's use then download the files I need within that time, but just recently I've paid up front as per usual, this time I got something called Rapids(?) and last time I went on to download something just after I'd paid up it said I needed...
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    Entertain Me

    I'm bored on the computer, websites that entertain you please people. Thanx in advance.
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    Yesterday they were saying how Barry should never get near the England team again, today they are hammering us for buying foreigners that keep him out of our side and thus ruining his England chances. I know I shouldn't listen but I find so annoying and the presenters so ignorant its compulsive.
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    Separated at birth?

    Ian McShane (Lovejoy) Franco Baldini
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    Oh Dear

    It may have been covered elsewhere but this Pringles advert on the main page is a bit ill-timed;
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    Oh Dear

    Look what this dickhead wrote on The Sun site, you couldn't make it up;- Posted by: Devils4Life He can't even spell his beloved manager's name right, and just in case you're wondering........... Comment written by: Devils4Life Age... 30 Country... Malaysia Football Team... I don't follow football
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    I have just watched 7 lights slowly and silently 'fly, over my house in the Peak District followed by another 3, they came from central Manchester and carried on to the Sheffield area, no I haven't had a drink but I'm going to now.
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    Robin Gibb Professor Frink
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    BBc Radio 7

    What is the point in it? Its absolutely rubbish, repeats of radio shows that nobody listened to in the 1970's when they were first aired, must have a maximum of 7 6 listeners and 4 of them think they've tuned to radio 4. and we're paying for it.
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    Is the advertising on this sight tailored to the browser's internet history? I have been on the National Lottery's scratchcard site (a couple of times) and usually play the Snakes and Ladders game, lo and behold, its advert is at the top of the page telling me to go to the Snakes and Ladders...