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    cornwall blues

    Well Paul...ive moved down now from launceston..and am in st austell bay,theres a couple of blues around who i n again...but now its hol season theres shit forever shouting out my car window at
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    annoying bin dipper...

    What the fooks up with you? It's a forum,it's called banter,you don't have to reply,it's not an order,Ffs get a grip,it was meant to be a laugh,if that's the best,then just don't fookin bother!!!
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    annoying bin dipper...

    Haha,I like yours ....
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    annoying bin dipper...

    Can you guys help me out please got a really giddy scouser giving me some shit about how we are fourth/fifth,an they are second,reckons they gonna rip us a new one on boxing day,I've already had him over history,about our cup winners cup win,but need some more ammo.....
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    So, What Does Soriano Say To Pellegrini..........

    Will you just fook off!
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    Champs or Premiership?

    Cl is full of shite,we've got NO chance of winning that bollocks! It's more important to try and become champions of our country.....(..runners up)
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    A call for Patience and realism

    well if this geezer is better then god help us,he got lucky in the derby,the team were up for it,apart from that he hasnt got a clue about the prem,he looks like he has landed on the fooking moon,and doesnt know what to do...if we aint careful we will fall away in the league ,and this cl lark...
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    City vs Bayern Munich Post match Thread

    Yaya is a fooking lazy bastard.....pellegrini fooked the tactics......what can you say?
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    The Biggest Problem With This Team Is Motivation

    Managers fault......simples!
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    Plzen vs City post match thread

    Well done,still a long way to go,one all that,move on,we will have a clear picture after Sunday!!
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    Mayweather vs. Canelo Thread

    I need a link quick.....
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    Your worst ever city moment?

    Nothing will ever wipe that twat pleat, from my memory,the kippax was absolutely fooking stunned...the way the luton players scarpered,an the city fans having a swipe on the pitch...outside it went off big style with the old Bill,such a black day....antic....what a tosser!!!
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    Newquay Pubs

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 6ietBg&s=1</a>
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    Newquay Pubs

    Its fookin stag do central mate...although it's quieter now the tourists have gone,really can't recommend any of the town pubs at night ,they will be full of weirdly dressed wankers as someone else says..and with the footy on,it is to be avoided! Different story in the daytime though.looks like...
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    What a difference a week makes

    as someone else just said,think this is going to be a crazy season ..for all the "top" clubs,what with new managers and systems everywhere,theres gonna be defeats all around,sadly for us and the arse,we may suffer more......
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    joe hart

    personally think a spell on the bench for joe and yaya would be beneficial to end all this" billy big bollocks stuff",in yaya,s case he needs to put the effort in,not just when he feels like it,and im afraid joe just needs reminding that if you dont concentrate 100%then you wont play....
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    expectations?......LOWER THEM!
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    Big Match revisited ITV4 now....

    the away fans stood in the top end of the kippax by platt lane,they were probably just a couple of friends of family...
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    Big Match revisited ITV4 now....

    in the social now drinking it off....donnachie,barnes,power,corrigan,owen,kazi..thems the days!!
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    Match Thread|Audi Cup | Man City vs Bayern Munich (31/07/13)

    negredo doesnt run then???
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