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    No Sound on videos

    I've had a look on the forum but can't find the answer. Whenever I open up a video, usually YouTube on here, it plays but with no sound. I'm on a Samsung S10, volume is turned up, the icon on the screen says the sound is on. Any ideas?
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    Plymouth Shooting

    Some serious sounding stuff coming from Plymouth at the minute. Reports of multiple shooters on the run with casualties. Air ambulances currently on the scene with the area in lockdown.
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    Harry Maguire found guilty in Greece

    Sky News reporting slabhead was involved in some kind of incident in Greece last night. He's apparently "fully co-operating with Greek authorities" No further info other than that.
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    Fire in Hyde

    Pretty big fire right now in Hyde Town centre. For those that now it , it seems to be close to the Asda/Hyde Central train station. I'm a couple of miles away & the smoke is really black & thick. Lots of little explosions going off as well. There's a few industrial units in that area, looking...
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    Manchester Airport Train Station closed

    Suspicious package discovered & a bloke arrested at the scene. No trains or teams entering or leaving the station for the foreseeable. The place is swarming with armed police. The whole terminal has been evacuated pretty sharpish apparently.
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    Has anybody ever tried Honeybee Brandy?

    A mate has been to Goa a couple of times & has raved over this since. According to TripAdvisor it seems to be the go to drink over there. He's helped me out recently so I've tried to get hold of a bottle for him as a thank you. I've searched the Web, amazon etc but can't seem to find anywhere...
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    Piccadilly Gardens evacuated

    Don't know how serious this is but there's a large police presence in the gardens right now. Shops & buildings starting to be evacuated as well. A suspect device apparently with one bloke already arrested.
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    Dianne Oxberry RIP

    BBC just announced the 51 year old died yesterday after a short illness. Sad news, always seemed bubbly whenever she was on the TV/radio.
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    Live games Feb/March

    Done a search to see if there's already a thread on this but couldn't find one. When do the TV companies release their choice of games for Feb & March? I'm trying to sort out days off work.
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    Incoming News Investigation

    The Daily Telegraph have just tweeted "Major Telegraph investigation coming up - published at 9pm GMT" I know other outlets sometimes do stunts like this but surely the Telegraph doesn't need to pull things like this to get clicks? A mate of a mate in the business has no idea, what it is...
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    15/16 financial results - £20.5m profit announced

    Revenue of £398.1m Profit of £20.5m Wages ratio down by 50% All this, and completely debt free!
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    Spanish clubs hit with fines

    Looks like Barca & Real (plus 5 others) are going to have to pay back millions of Euros to the government after the EU ruled that tax breaks & dodgy land deals were against competition rules.
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    Legends Lounge

    Just been given 2 tickets for today in here. I'm leaving the safety of the Family Stand and me and my youngest are going here instead. I've had a look on the OS but it doesn't say too much about it. I know about the padded seats & cash bar but what else do they throw in?
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    Hijacked Egyptair plane landed in Cyprus

    Just landed in Larnaca. Apparantly 1 hijacker on board with a suicide belt on. Thought we'd seen the last of this thing in the 80's.
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    Knackered laptop

    My mum has given her old laptop to my youngest. It's a fairly decent one but my mum seems to have downloaded some adware/malware. As soon as you fire it up about a dozen I.E. Windows open and when you get rid, more pop up. It just freezes up and won't let me do anything on it. Tried everything...
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    BBC Website down

    Anybody else not able to get on any of their sites? I've had a look at Iplayer and that's down too. Has Aunty Beeb been hacked?
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    Yet another US college mass shooting

    Being reported that 15 have been killed after a shooting at a University in Oregan. When will this country learn?
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    Put as your web address. Give it a go. Just had my 10 year old thinking her laptop was broken. Pointless TBH but it wasted 5 minutes this morning waiting for the school run.
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    Terror Threat Level

    Just been raised to "Severe" which apparently means an attack is highly likely. The Home Secretary has stated that there will be an increase of cops on the streets from this afternoon. Scaremongering or reacting to intelligence?
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    Kendall Calling

    Didn't get Glasto tickets this year and didn't fancy any of the others so giving this event a whirl. Taking the Mrs & 2 daughters (10 & 15) along in a campervan. A half decent line up including Happy Mondays, Razorlight, Catfish & The Bottlemen & De La Soul. It seems a decent little festival...
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