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    Another Day In Paradise

    On Wednesday it's time for the "nitty gritty" and forget about Football (as if !!) as I am all set for five of the best from Chemotherapy and god knows what else. So I will leave you all right now in the capables of PB or someone. Each time I have been to this place not only the test results...
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    I am not going to die tonight

    Hi Everyone Today I finally come home from a hospital in Aintree where they treated me for Cancer. I have a central nervous System lymphoma of the brain. I was going about my business in very early february and I went to sit in the chair; i missed and have not been on my feet since. I can't...
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    World Cup Thread Thursday June 26

    I can't see one yet. Sully Muntari and Kevin Prince Boating are being kicked out of Ghana's squad. Muntari has hit a Ghana FA official and Boating has had a row with the Manager apparently. It's Just been on Talksport.
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    James Perch's Mascot at Wembley today

    We only found out about this yesterday; but today a member of the Richfan family stepped out on the hallowed turf ! My Grandaughter Natasha aged 8, proper little tomboy; and as they all are - an evil Everton supporter - managed to blagg her way in to the Wigan dressing room courtesy of her...
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    Best decision City have ever made?

    In view of the conversations going on in the "Worst decisions" thread and my word as Blues we have been spoilt for choice - what does the Forum think are the best decisions we have made as a Club?
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    Worse than Golf.
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    Advice from the Older Posters

    I mean you Dave Ewing's Back Header, Johnny Crossan, Prestwich Blue, De niro,etc. Is it better to grow old respectfully or disgracefully? I am 50 today and I dont know whether to go and play my Clash singles or go and find a comfy pair of Shoes. It didn't really bother me hitting 30 or 40...
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    A couple of hours ago

    Some of you may remember that a few weeks back I started a thread " In a couple of Hours time" where I explained my situation where I had to tell the Lads at work about our Depot closing down. Well at 6am today, myself and 67 others have just walked out of our place of employment for the very...
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    In a couple of hours time.

    In a couple of hours time, I have to go to work and announce to my collegues and friends and Shift of 67 staff and a wonderful bunch of Polish kids ( Agency) that our place of work is closing in six weeks time. Not only this, the Lads are also going to have to work out there period of notice...
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    Shafter and Spirit of Burnden

    Two very decent and welcome Posters on this Forum. Best wishes to both of you this afternoon. Also; an absolute disgrace earlier when "Supplement" did not even give this game a mention.
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    Can everybody click on an Advert today ??

    Their has been lots of talk about "Promises" over the past few days. Well here's my promise. I promise to click on the Adverts more often. We all take things for granted in Life, and "Bluemoon" which relies for it's funding entirely on the Revenue it recieves from Advertising is one of them...
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    The City Bear said to the United Bear

    Remember Tolmie's cartoons from the Transfer Window. The City Bear said to the United Bear - ; " you've sucked the Cock of the Devil and now it's time to swallow". ??? I just feel that over the last couple of days I have seen a massive shift in perception from the Forum. Any doubts that...
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    What has happened to the Mick Mc Carthy Woles thread

    Literally turning from page 5 to page 6 on the topic and the Forum said this no longer exists. Has somebody been naughty ?????? Or have I done something wrong on my computer. Not really Computer literate.
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    Two Questions for the older Posters on the Forum

    Forty Years ago this weekend I went to Maine Road for the First time and City played Burnley and we won 7-0 with the Goals coming from Bell 2, Young 2, Lee, Coleman and Mike Doyle. I was 7 at the time and apart from the score and the Excitement and being " enslaved" for life I know nothing about...
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    Anybody else had to " Whistleblow" at Work

    I have had cause today to phone up the Health and Safety Executive in Manchester on what I consider an important matter. Anybody else on the Forum had cause to do something similar ? I am a middle to low ranking Manager of a Major Company ( Household name). A stuation has arisen at a Site of...
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    Fed up of " Derby Day" offical City v City thread

    I dont know about the rest of you but I am a bit fed up now of all the Derby Day and Champions League threads. We have a wonderful thread on the Board at the moment " On this day Nine Years ago" When we had that wonderful day at Ewood Park. Therefore on to my new imaginary game; what you do is...
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    Quarte Final Defeats on the Bouce

    Quarter Final Defeats on the Bounce We have lost so many in recent years that the law of averages state we get past Hamburg. Would fellow Blues like to share their memories of the Quarter Final defeats against Liverpool (twice), the Rags, Spuds, Bar Codes, Blackburn, West Ham, Ipswich ----...
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