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    Carabao Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg

    1 x Adult , 1x under 18 spare selling both together , face value obviously. East level 1 : Entrance K : Row E £50 for the pair Collection Ashton Area
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    Tottenham (H)

    Got one available , east stand , level 1 , block 105 , row D , half way line , face value £40 , meet at ground , pm if interested , on way to ground now
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    Chelsea (H)

    1 adult east stand block 106 halfway line : 4 rows up still available, meet at ground
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    Chelsea (H)

    1 adult for sale : east stand : level 1 : block 106 : 4 rows up, halfway line £50 quid. Still available
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    Huddersfield (H)

    Very late I know, but got one for east stand , lower tier , block 105 , half way line , 4 rows up. Pm if needed or reply I’m in the Tameside area. SOLD
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    Swansea Home

    1 ticket East stand , level 1, 105 , Row D , halfway line. £35 Pm if interested.
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    Chelsea home

    Still available Gone
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    Chelsea home

    Got 1 spare for tomorrow. East stand ,Level 1, Row D , half way line , Think face value is £50 quid. Pm if wanted.
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    Leicester (H) 13/5/17 Ticket(s) Available

    1 Adult ticket available for today , East Stand level 1 Collection from Stalybridge
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    villa home tickets

    1 adult ticket for tomorrow , Colin bell lower , decent seat. I'm not going tomorrow so it's going Free of charge To the first blue to message. Collection from Stalybridge in the morning around 9:30am Ticket Gone
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    The Carlos Tevez Thread (Merged)

    Re: Would you like Carlos to stay? Sums it up for me . last 2 games we have played awsome football and its no fluke that its been with tevez in the team .
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    Norwegian Blue, us them and `vive le difference`

    haha Quality , Free champers as well , mind is was deffo a special occasion. The missus and i went to shambles after , had a thirst for the different beers they have ,, then onto Rajdoot for a indian ,, the food there is awsome. anyway all in all one of the best days ever. FA cup winners 2011 ...
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    Norwegian Blue, us them and `vive le difference`

    Aye mate i remember you's , think your mate passed me with a bucket of beer with a gleefull look on his face . I was right in front of the doors with my lady , grey top on . all that wait for a cup and we've finally done it , the feeling is mustard.
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    Norwegian Blue, us them and `vive le difference`

    Was in there too with the wife , the atmosphere was class , really rocking . Loved the 35 years song which kept being belted out . Bomber was you too the left as you come in near the doors , about 3 or 4 of you ? I remember them all huggin at the end . Brilliant day lads , one to remember.
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    Post Match Reaction Thread (Please post in here)

    Re: Richards Thought he defended really well today along with komps and lescot , weak link today was kolorov .
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    Silva: The Weak Link

    Waste of time , every pass he recieves always sticks to his feet , his passing is horible ,always into space for his team mate to run onto with ease , and his finishing , dont get me started.
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    Official City v Fulham Thread

    Is that a question or answer or both . Am saying them players who was missing today are our best players in there positions. we lacked spirit ,creativity and bite today due to them out of the team. wrong or right ?
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    Official City v Fulham Thread

    Micah , vinny , silva , de jong . nough said .
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    City Hero Uwe Rosler {merged}

    Re: City Hero Uwe Rosler We had the pleasure of meeting uwe on holiday years back , think his loan spell had come to an end at southampton. What a cracking bloke he his and spoke very highly of city . Felt very sureal at the time having a booze with one of your favourates . Top bloke , cheers uwe.
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    Spot on for me ,, been sayin it for ages now . This guy is up there with the best centre halfs in the world . Scary part is he will only get better . Reads the game perfectly ,hardly gets caught ball watchin and puts himself in front of anything that comes his way , triffic .
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