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    New Food and Drink Vendors for the Ground and City Square | Edible coffee cups introduced

    Ahead of Manchester City’s first home game of the 2021/22 season and as part of the Club’s ongoing commitment to enhance the matchday experience for fans, a number of new and exciting food and beverage offerings have been introduced at the Etihad Stadium. To welcome fans back, the Club is also...
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    Manchester Bars/Pubs with Screens Outside

    Next month the beer gardens and terraces open we'll be close to wrapping the title up, would love to get out for a pint and watch the game. Anyone know of anywhere with outside screens to watch the game. Shack when it was up near Tariff St used to have, it's moved now though. Believe Bar 8...
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    Inverted Wingers

    Anyone else think a lot of our problems come from the move to inverted wingers? Most of our best football under Pep was based on moving the ball quickly behind the defence for Sane and Sterling to get behind the full back, Silva and De Bruyne regularly having space to find the right pass...
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    New Sponsorship Deals - Or Lack Thereof

    Don't we usually announce a raft of these on the pre-season tour? Can't think of any Tier 1 or 2 sponsors announced for ages Nexen have gone on the shirt sleeve but that was announced a good while ago Still no training kit sponsor when United and Chelsea both have huge deals. Our Nike deal...
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    Training Kit Sponsor??? Nevermind

    Do we finally have a training kit sponsor? This is a picture from Pep meeting Khaldoon that was posted on Citywatch Only thing that makes me think it isn't is the old badge
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    Long Shot, City on TV in Watford???

    I know the chances are remote But anyone know anywhere that'll have City Hull on tonight in Watford
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    ST inc Barca Ticket £150 -Block 217

    Lad who I go to the game with doesn't think he'll be able to make many games now inc the Barca one. He's after £150 for the ST in block 217 and his ticket for Barca at home in 111. Anyone interested DM me
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    Annual report 2012/13 released (merged)

    Financial report on the OS at 4
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    New Sponsor - LG From Ian Cheesemans Twitter, pic of Pellegrini's first Presser Pics too many pixels Don't think it's been announced yet, but LG are on the sponsors board for press conferences Not sure when details of the new tie up will be announced
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    Aguero Playing Tennis at the 02

    Just been on the court now shirt and pants warming up with the Argie tennis guy
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    Mancini still in Italy Sunday? Platt to stand in?

    I heard a whisper of this via a DM on Twitter, obviously it's not confirmed. Bobby may not be back from Italy for Sundays game, family reasons or some such. David Platt may be on the touchline standing in as he's more in line with Bobbys tactics than Kidd. Anyone else heard this?
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    City Square Sat 11th (Everton vs Reds on the big screens?)

    Will the big screens at City square be showing the Everton game against the red shite? Really want to watch this as Rooney should get a cracking reception following this weekends news, and Everton are due a good result!
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    Pubs Near White Hart Lane

    What boozers will people be heading to before the game. Away fan guide says the Weatherspoons near Liverpool St Station might be best. Due to the early kick off they might be right
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    New Squad Numbers

    Adebayor no 9 on the ordering for the new kit on the OS it appears Ade's squad no is now 9, but when you select shows up as no 25 still. Strange
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    Great Article On Ferguson

    Read this on Football365 it's a book extract from a United fan author, long read but really shows him up as the type of man he is. <a class="postlink" href=",17033,8750_6272378,00.html" onclick=";return...
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    City Vs Valencia Reserved Seat?

    Just had a look in my purchase history on the OS and it's there as reserved, now do you reckon this is because its a freebie for us season ticket holders or they are holding it for us until we buy it. The purchase date is the same as my season ticket.
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    Citys Owners Buy Sumerbee's Pub?? Daily Star Article

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... -for-fans/</a> First I've heard of this, any truth in it?
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    Wayne Bridges Sleeve Tattoo

    Afternoon everyone. Would any of you lot happen to have any decent high res pics of Wayne Bridges sleeve Tattoo. I'm thinking of getting something similar you see. Cheers
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    Boozing In London Before The Arsenal Game

    Alright lads had a quick look at the forcast for Saturday and it looks like it's going to be roasting (18 celcius and clear skies). My trains due to arrive at Euston around 13:45 so was thinking a few beers in a couple of beer gardens in Camden before gettin the Tube to a boozer near the ground...
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    Train Manchester Victoria to Burnley

    What time is everyone jumping on the train upto Burnley. Originally thinking about watching Chelsea hopefully stuff the rags in town then jumping on the 14:48 train. But now I'm having second thoughts and wondering if I should set off earlier.
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