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    Our Owner

    I would like it on record that I love our owners. Not just for what they’ve done on the pitch, but off it too. What they’ve done for Manchester and the people that live there. The endless charity work they do, the development of Manchester, things like ‘walking football’ that gets the older...
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    “We’ve been found out”

    We’ve all said it over the past god knows how many months. Pep has finally changed things, he’s made us much harder to beat and let’s face it, we’ve been very easy to beat for months... Yeah we are nowhere near our best, especially up front, but look at our goal scorers/makers Sergio injured...
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    Burnley (A) Post-Match Thread

    That'll do.
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    Windows 10

    Hi guys and gals. My current PC is running vista and well it's shite, nothing seems to wanna run on it or install anymore. Just tried downloading the nordvpn app, took about 5 attempts to download, then won't install. Says try running Windows update to fix the problem, only vista isn't supported...
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    Genealogists And inheritance

    The end of last week my wife had a phone call asking for me. The guy said he was a Genealogists and had traced me as I was a relative of Mr xxxxxxx, the relative who I'd never heard of, neither has my mum. Apparently he was a relative of my nan, on my dads side, though him and my nan were never...
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    3 port valve for central heating

    Hi guys. So I'm having a problem with my 3 port valve (sunvic sd2701), it's been playing up over the last couple of months, radiators coming on when hot water is selected, I know the valve is knackered cos I've removed the actuator and it can only be turned using pliers, plus now there is a odd...
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    A song for the press

    Keep printing your lies Keep printing your lies The only thing city fans care about They put raisins in our balti pies. I'll get my coat.
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    Anelka celebration

    it really pisses me off seeing an ex player celebrate in front of their old club. we(the fans) treated him well. so theres no need. wasn't celebrating at the end, so serves him right!
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