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    David Silva - 2019/20 Performances

    Fantastic goal aside I thought he looked very sharp against West Ham. Having the full summer off will really benefit him I feel. One last season let’s enjoy every moment of this genius.
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    MEN 64 page souvenir addition

    sorry if this doesn’t warrant a thread didn’t know where else to put it. Is anyone local able to pick me up a copy of the MEN today please? Obviously il pay postage and the cost of paper. Thanks if anyone can help
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    Anyone got any good pics of players celebrating?

    trying to get a new wallpaper for the laptop but can’t seem to find many good pictures online. Did see aguero Kompany and Silva have a photo taken with the trophy but can’t find that picture anywhere. Any good images post them on here! Thanks Love you all still buzzing
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    David Silva - 2018/19 Performances

    Anyone know the situation with david? Obviously didn’t travel down to Wembley Sunday and haven’t seen him in the training videos/pictures this week. Hope all is ok with him and his family and it’s just a niggle.
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    Advice needed from Dads!

    Good morning all. My Girlfriend is due to give birth this month (due date of 31st August) and I was hoping for some advice from fellow blues and what to expect. We are expecting a boy and we have decided to call him Bobby (yes I am a big Mancini fan!). Being only 23 years old and the youngest...
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