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    Tunnel Club Criteria

    A good friend is having a surprise belated birthday which is a great excuse for me to catch a match I am planning on taking my 10 year old son to the match and will probably go for the tunnel club or something similar Are there any restrictions on kids and do you have to be vaccinated as I...
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    Car Warranty companies

    I bought a Audi last year that was 2.5 years old and 20k miles Real beauty of a car and amazing to drive I have just had to replace all the ad blue pipes at a cost of £1000 and don’t fancy any more financial pain. There are a myriad of companies out there but just wondered if any of my...
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    Sky playing City v Gillingham play off final

    Wow just watching the whole match and what a battle by both teams. Things I forgot, Tony Pullis Gills manager, Alan Brazil co commentator on the match.
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    New computer

    My old pc is about to die (when i chuck it against the wall lol) it’s getting old and keeps on crashing. I run my own buisness and use it mainly for office and outlook calendar etc but also like to have miles more power than I need to future proof it to a degree my budget is ideally around...
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    How will the economic collapse affect football?

    So with our economy collapsing as well as the world what affect will this have on city as well as every club. The down turn could hurt us and Utd more than most due to our reliance on sponsorship deals. The sponsors wont be throwing money at football when the deals expire and this may also...
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    Sky Broadband

    Sky has just announced its latest price increases so decided to quit sky and go elsewhere as the Wi-fi on the router is poor and now with the increase it’s pushed me to take action. What does everyone use and need a decent Wi-fi but unfortunately not vergin here (no jokes about Essex girls...
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    Moped Gangs

    As a biker I didn’t realise to what extent the big cities are experiencing a moped crime wave. Moped are being stolen at a ridiculous rate and include innocent bikers being bike jacked. Then the case of the 14 year old who was stabbed to death in London when knocked off his moped by car. I...
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    Free kids Man City Kit

    I ordered a new kit for my son from the city website Unfortunately despite putting in his height and weight the kit is too small and it was personalised we carnt send it back and have to re order. Would anyone with a child between 3 and 6 want the strip (no socks) tho it does have Nico 1 on...
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    Sterling’s contract - three year extension confirmed

    What is the latest re Sterling’s contract. He said he wouldn’t discuss new terms until after the World Cup. Anyone else worried he may do a Liverpool and force a move
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    Evening with Ricky Hatton

    just got my ticket for this Friday. Ricky Hatton is doing a after dinner talk this Friday in Essex Really looking forward to this as he has long been a boxer I admired and being a life long blue makes it even sweeter. What the chances of him signing my city shirt?
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