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    Liverpool Thread - 2021/22

    Looked dead last season and clawed back CL. They'll be second or third this season I reckon. Van Dijk might start a bit rusty but lets TTA/Robertson go forward with less pressure on defence. Crucial cog in their system.
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    Leroy Sané

    Makes you wonder if the player is that great or is it the system that makes it easy for the player to shine? Sane wasn't perfect in our side btw. When he joined teams didn't sit back as much so he played to his counter attacking strengths with pace. When they started to put men behind the ball...
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    Leroy Sané

    Still, if you want a laugh: Bless em. Think they can get Sane with zero European games. Unbelivable.
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    Holidays abroad unlikely this year

    Back from Greece. Have to say the whole process during COVID is fine, BUT if your not organised or good at form filling/following instructions I think some will feel a bit stressed. I was in a family of four and that was absolutely a doddle, family of 7 in front of us looked a bit flustered lol...
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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    Maybe a Bellingham Haaland double next year?
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    Running thread

    Brilliant work. It sometimes takes a trigger like that to set us all off on the road to a new healthy running lifestyle but you'll be hooked on it now. For me the winter months are the best. Something about getting out of the house when you know the "old you" would be sat home being a couch potatao.
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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    The league is a funny one. And based on current transfers if we played this season out ten times someone like United have a 1 in 10 chance. Now Van Dijk is back for Liverpool and they haven't been weakened, I'd say a 2 in ten chance purely because they aren't renewing the squad. Chelsea a 3 in...
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    #21 | Ferran Torres - 2021/22 Performances

    Agree with temper the mood comments. He can do it against the average and poor teams but hasn't shown that potential yet against a big teams or more accurately a decent centre back pairing. Was disappointed in the Leicester cup game too. He might get another chance in two weeks.
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    Welcome Kayky!

    Just been looking through Twitter for mentions of Kayky... Some fan account led me to this post. Think it's a Sunday league team obsessed with City. How times change for our little club. That badge
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Not sure we can ever deal with hateful 8 teams or the G14.
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    Spurs Thread - 2021/22

    Wonder if Harry's stay involves a new deal with buyout clause next year (lower of course)
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Wherever he goes he is there for one year then MLS. Someone loses out in the United forward line if he joins them. They have Martial, Sancho, Cavani, Greenwood, Diallo, Rashford, James and that seems an overload of forwards. But is it worth it just to end our pursuit of a striker, maybe. And...
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    #20 | Bernardo Silva - 2021/22 Performances

    Wouldn't be surprised on the back of his best mate being arrested Bernardo tries to get away asap and the club sell on the cheap.
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    Harry Kane

    Kane will leave even if we walk away. Could be next summer but he'll move.. personally think United will move for him next year. Think our striker won't be any of Haaland, Mbappe or Kane. Wildcard like DCL for a lot less cash.
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    Harry Kane

    Wage bill clear now, and Aguero out for 2 months at debt riddled Barca.. cannot say that's a bad move by our club. Torress / Jesus / Delap can never replace his goal output but if they stay fit they are already more value to us than an injured player. Any additions that strengthen us like Kane...
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    Annoying neighbours kids

    That's more anti-social stuff to be fair. If the parents won't do anything then I can only see it escalating. I think a camera could be a good option. If you've already spoken to them kindly and they won't listen you've got think what happens when your not in and something is damaged.
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    Harry Kane

    Sunday nights are always silly for transfers as the games are out of they way and people get giddy or bored. This will go to the end of the window. If we get Kane, Levy won't have time to spend it and will love that. If the transfer collapses, Levy will love that he's strung us along and won't...
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Has Ronaldo's rape accusation in the US actually been closed?
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    Harry Kane

    The vice captain is training and not even in the squad or travelling... got to admit there's some kind of power play here and I'm not sure who's in charge here.
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    Harry Kane

    I get the feeling Levy's frustration at not being able to get players he wants, will ultimately be taken out on Kane's wish to go and then that of course affects us.
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