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    Then and now..... Joe Hart!

    Once our reliable Shot Stopper.... Golden Glove winner.... helped us win the 2012 Premier League! I never thought we will ever need another keeper until Pep joined us and benched him. Then Ederson joined and Joe Hart moved. Once England's number one and now no where near the English Team...
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    Running down the clock at the corner flag!

    Is this the first time City do not run down the last couple of minutes at the corner flag in the Carabao Cup Final? I mean we had most of the possession in the last 7 to 8 minutes but why did the players not go to the corner flag and run down the time? Was this a Pep instruction? We kept on...
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    Laporte Appreciation Post

    I truly hope Laporte can see this post although I am not sure if he checks the forum. I just wanted us to all send him some positive words of appreciation for all his hard work and commitment towards the team after coming back from his long term injury. It is totally appalling and unacceptable...
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    Champions League games could become a knockout due to travel restrictions

    Its seems there is a problem with playing our game in Germany due to restrictions. Monchengladbach has asked for our game to be moved to Denmark at FC Midtjylland cause we might not be able to travel or play it in Germany! Uefa is also discussing the possibility of making the games a knockout...
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    Happy New Year to all the Blues

    It has been a very difficult and strange year. Sadly the situation is not going to get better soon but we remain hopeful that we will all prevail over the pandemic. I wish you all a very happy new year and to stay safe and home for NYE for you and your family's safety! Happy New Year Blues
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    What happens if we miss out on Champions League next year?

    At the rate we are playing I am fearing the worst. The possibility of us not finishing inside the top 4 and missing out on the Champions League next year. What will be the ramifications of us not qualifying to the CL next year? Will we see some players leave? Will Pep leave? Will this cause...
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    Olympiakos blast players for attending 'coronavirus party'

    ATHENS: Olympiakos on Monday slammed three of their players who attended an overnight "coronavirus party" at the roof garden of an Athens hotel while Greece is under a stick lockdown. The players were Ruben Semedo, Lazar Randelovic and Bruno Felipe. So our next game against them is 25th of...
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    Van Dijk vs Laporte News on Injury

    Hi all, First I feel very sorry for Van Dijk for his injury, it is the worst any player can have. However I want to rant about the fact that the media have been glorifying his injury as if it the end of all time, meanwhile when Laporte was injured last year, it was just brushed under the table...
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    Takefusa Kubo

    What a talent!!! Why are we not scouting him?
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