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    Ligue 1 Thread - 2021/22

    Nice vs Marseille game suspended.
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    Lawnmower Recommendations

    Hi Bluemoon hive mind. 2 years in to having a cordless mower for a large lawn and one of the batteries won’t charge anymore. Supplier won’t send out a replacement and there are none available to buy in the U.K., so getting a refund. What mowers would you recommend for a large lawn and one with...
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    Posting GIFs using an iPad

    I’m having issues posting GIFs on here. Occasionally they work, but most of the time, the link just pops up. What am I doing wrong?
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    Worst player to have been given a testimonial

    As Phil Jones creeps closer to being eligible for a testimonial at the swamp, it begs the question who do you think the worst player ever is to either be granted or is eligible for a testimonial in football?
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    Borat 2 to premier in the US on October 23rd

    This will cause some heated discussions, but I can’t wait to see what happens in this. The trailer looks good.
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    10 year anniversary of a Not Raoul Moatly funny classic thread

    Since Gazza turned up with a fishing rod, chicken and a beer.
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    Huge fire at student block of flats in Bolton

    Hope everyone is ok. Parallels to Grenfell by the sound of it. Bolton fire: Huge blaze breaks out at student flats
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    Germany vs Argentina

    Who’d have thought pairing Otamendi and Rojo in defence would be a bad idea? 2-0 Germany after 23 mins
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    Other C1 Cup semi

    Genuinely want both teams to lose. I guess beating the dippers in the final would be slightly sweeter
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    Takeaway Advice

    hey guys, moving back to Gorton next week, got a few days of painting to endure first. We have no cooker there yet, any takeaways recommended in the Gorton area would be really helpful. Thanks
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    When was the Leicester City Match Abandoned

    I was at the game, but can't remember when it was. It was raining really badly, but I think we were 4-0 up when the ref stopped it. Wasn't Vonk playing as a makeshift striker who managed to score twice? We won the rematch 2-1 if I remember rightly with Rocastle scoring a beauty Edit: it might...
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    City/Pellegrini based Fantasy Football Team Names

    Has anybody got a fantasy football team name based on either of the above for next season? Thanks
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    Been searching for this thread for a while, where is it? Thanks
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    Nastasić (cont) UPDATE. done deal.

    Knowing our luck, Savic won't be able to agree personal terms and the deal falls through....
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    Airplane Sky1 now

    Genius! Looks like I chose the wrong week to quit glue sniffing. Anyone speak Jive?
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