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    Bernardo/Fernando song

    Just been thinking, could you not adjust the Fernando song for Bernardo... you'll never tackle Bernardo, he's magic...
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    Block 125

    Just got tickets for block 125, obviously never been in this block before. How is it?
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    View from first 2-4 rows?

    How is the view from these first few rows, anybody experienced these rows?
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    Capital One Cup Final (in here please) << please look before you post

    Long shot, but if anybody has any tickets spare for the final I'm interested in upto four, mail me.
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    Constant rotation

    Am I the only one who thinks that this is a problem? I sed before the game, i think there's to much tinkering happening right now. At this current time it's like some positions are rotated just to keep the players happy. I feel the club needs consistency, pick the best eleven and stop changing...
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    Banned from Falcao thread?

    What happened to the Falcao thread. Apparently i do not have permission to view it. Anybody else having the same problem?
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    Isit possible

    To use three separate Cityzen Membership numbers to purchase tickets v Liverpool from Viagogo or is that against the rules?
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    Ticket age

    I will be visiting the Etihad with a 17 year old on Monday. The tickets are 2 adults 1 16-17 year old from viagogo. Will the younger lad need to bring ID to prove his age?
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    Distance covered v Chelsea

    Look at Matic and Ramires distance covered with just the pair of them in comparison to Citys, that's without taking into account Luiz.
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    Interesting to see

    What would you make of this eleven if it was played. I think it would actually be one of the stronger teams with Manuels favored system. Jovetic Aguero Nasri...
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