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    Does the constant slander about City bother you?

    Whether it’s how much money we spend, ‘lack of history’, FFP, Pep etc. It’s got to the point where I’ve just deleted Twitter etc simply because it’s so f*cking boring reading this nonsense every day. Don’t these people get bored??
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    Pretty cool. Great club
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    On this day.... Vinnie’s Wondergoal

    Absolutely ridiculous goal. What a moment to watch this live
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    Those who went on Sunday

    How did you find the experience? Would you go again even with restricted numbers or wait for full capacity? It’s been so long forgot what it’s like
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    Back to work tomorrow...

    First day back since before Christmas. Gonna feel strange again but hopefully this is the last time. Anyone else heading back tomorrow?
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    Happy Birthday Vinnie

    Captain. Leader. Legend
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    Remember this? (Dzeko time wasting at Everton)

    Edin Dzeko lovely bit of shithousery in a big game
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    What you drinking tonight?

    On the kraken rum tonight. Not a huge fan of coke (the drink) but it mixes well
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    The early kick off

    Can’t beat a Saturday 3pm of course but these early kick offs are fucking brilliant when you win them. Makes the weekend feel so much longer and better. More time to drink also.
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    Hospitality/box experience at City

    What are peoples experiences/views on this on match day. I know it’s not gonna happen till next season but I want to treat my dad for his birthday (providing we’re back next season) is it worth the money? Which options do people feel are the best? Thanks in advance
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    What footballing legends do you feel are overrated?

    Giggs and Zidane for me
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    Is this the worst take you’ve seen regarding City?

    Still makes me laugh
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    On this day...

    What a game this was. Those first 30 mins was crazy.
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    Fully fit squad... what’s your strongest eleven.

    Ederson; Cancelo Stones Dias Laporte; Rodri De Bruyne Gundogan; Foden Aguero Bernardo. Would love to see in later in the season esp Champions league games.
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    How do you cope with nerves during a big game at home

    Do you drink more? Pace up and down? If I’m watching at home I must change where I’m sat about 10 times I can sit still
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    City’s wasted talent

    Michael Johnson and Stephen Ireland the two main ones for me more Johnson of course. Who else did you think was gonna be a top player for City but it just never happened?
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    What’s the first holiday you’re booking when restrictions are gone?

    Copenhagen and Madrid this summer hopefully for me.
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    Have you ever moved/lived abroad? What was your experiences, best advice?

    Didn’t know what to put here the thread title says it all. Interested to hear some experiences.
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    What would be your ideal England Euro 2021 line up? (If you care)

    Pope TAA Stones Gomez Chilwell Henderson Winks Sterling Foden Rashford Kane
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