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    2019-20 Squad???

    What's people's feelings going into the season? With early transfer signs & bullshit flying around + in house ITK's I'm going for the below knowing we have to have 8 home grown or English from the 25 man squad. Looks like Muric has a big future at City & will be No 2 from next season as Bravo...
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    Net Spend!!

    Now the window has shut tight & all calculations are in we finish in 15th position with a net spend of 13m. Chelsea finish 1st with 148m & Liverpool 2nd with 145m. What is everyone's take on it?? I know we broke records & stormed away with it but with KDB going down in August, Mendy still...
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    Ben Chilwell

    Get this deal done. He is what we need right now. Delph cover inside & Zinchenko can go.
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