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    #7 | Raheem Sterling - 2020/21 Performances

    His little cut-back to Foden's goal at Molineux was exactly what he should do more often, just perfect. We had several similar situations last night when Kev, Jesus and Raz should have been doing the same, lay-up to the free man. Hope Raheem has a great season in these unpredictable covid19 times.
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    World Cup 2018 Bluemoon prediction game

    So many experts around on Bluemoon. Now show what you can do! In consultation with @Ric I have been setting up a World Cup prediction game for Bluemoon. (It's open though, for up to 300 players and you are free to invite friends as well). It's free and for fun. Just about the honour. You just...
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    Sane left out of Germany World Cup Squad

    Leroy is dropped from the WC squad. No reason given by Low. Incredible.
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    Possible City fixture list till summer

    Thought this list would be worth a separate thread for a quick look-up. Not much dates left for postponed matches to be played, esp. for the postponed Manchester derby. Possible Man City matchdays till summer: March Wed 1, Huddersfield (h) 7.45pm......... -> 5-1 Sun 5, Sunderland (a)...
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    FA Cup 5th round draw - Huddersfield Town (Away)

    The draw begins at 7.20pm on Monday 30 January. Gareth Southgate will help to conduct the draw, hosted on BBC One. 1 Tottenham Hotspur 2 Derby County or Leicester City 3 Oxford United 4 Sutton United 5 Wolverhampton Wanderers 6 Arsenal 7 Lincoln City 8 Chelsea 9...
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    FA Cup 4th round draw - Palace (a)

    ... will start 7.10pm next Monday, Jan 9. City having ball no.8.
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    PL and CL squad rules: homegrown

    As I always have to look up those confusing terms, I have done some homework now. I thought it would be worth a new thread to easily find these details in opening post. Tried to keep it easy and left out some inferior parts. Hope it helps a bit. :) Have fun everybody! Premier League (not...
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    Transfer forum: The script.

    Act I. Scene 1. A huge hotel lobby. Dozens of green tables. A sign with a player name hanging over each of them. Hundreds of people walking from table to table watching what's going on. Cards and huge stacks of poker chips and bundles of cash on the tables. A big banner in a corner saying...
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    FA Cup 4th round draw (Wycombe or Villa away)

    Mon 11 Jan, at 7.15pm on BBC One. Draw numbers: Games to be played on last weekend of January. Must be Everton then....
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