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    5-0, 5-0, 5-0?

    From Martin Samuel's article today "Manchester City have won as many games 5-0 under Guardiola as they had since 1947 prior to his arrival." I cant imagine we have come anywhere close before Pep.
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    Alvaro Negredo - How do you remember him?

    Martin Samuel said that he was ripped off financially by somebody the family trusted and after that his wife predominantly but also he wanted to leave. That's why his formed dipped dramatically. Was a great striker thenfirst half of 13 14 season. Shame what happened as I don't think he ever...
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    Season ticket for sale. South stand

    I have a season ticket in the South stand level 3. I'm unable to make most games this season and wondered if anyone would like to buy most games at cost price £17.10 a ticket. I'll be able to make 4 5 games. (I won't cherry pick the biggest games. All depends on work and family commitments. We...
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    Speed awareness course

    I cant believe I'm posting this.. yeah another bored man with no football to watch. Im sure I was taught that you could go travel at plus 10% of the speed limit without any issue. So 33 in a 30. Etc. Ive never been caught seeding and have applied that rule for 30 years.
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    The Super League | FA + PL: New Charter & Fines | UEFA: Settlement

    Thanks projectriver for your time on effort on here. Its much appreciated from people without a legal background. So as above if we argue that the Limitations Act applies and are successful then any evidence before the summer of 2015 will be excluded from the investigation? If this is the case...
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    Digital Tickets

    Could you just do a screenshot of the ticket and share it with a mate if you're not going?
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    Champions League Final | Post-Match Thread

    I agree. The - we would have won with Fernandinho narrative is getting a bit old. Chelsea are a decent team. The bookies had us favourites but the expected win percentage was something like City win 2 out of 3 games played. I thought Chelsea were underpriced at that level. I had it more about...
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    Next Manager after Pep

    He doesn't speak English, gets paid a fortune and his style of play is negative. We would need a complete over haul. Can't see it. I think if anywhere in England Chelsea would suit him. I think he's fantastic though. Love his passion and snide tactics. But I've always been an Argentina kick em...
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    Carlos Tevez | How do City fans remember him?

    Well done. No no no. Has to be rare and bloody. Loved him. Our first truly great player in the modern era. Wa out talisman until the start of 11 12.
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    Media Thread 2020/21

    It would be interesting to see the click numbers for articles like Conns. Most City fans are bored and I'm sure other football fans are. Same article rehashed endlessly. Also the only money 'pumped' into city in the last 5 years or so is the 58M transfer fee for laporte. We are the most...
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    Champions League Final | Tickets - City Official Package + UEFA Tickets

    I tied for 2 hours. Had loads of tickets to choose from but every time I choose the number of seats it said unfortunately the seats have gone. Happened about 100 times. Gutted tbh.
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    Champions League Final | Tickets - City Official Package + UEFA Tickets

    Just a FYI Blues. Loads locked out of Madrid last season with tickets. They stopped everyone from entering the away section outside the ground. Tickets were checked against their list. I went on Saturday and no checks at all. In fact my ticket didn't work and they just let me in. Good luck...
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    Rúben Dias | FWA Footballer of the Year, City's Player of the Season and Premier League Player of the Season

    I could check in Google but maybe somebody already knows. Is there a list of City winners for this award and the PFA and young players of the Year awards? Any others apart from..? Tony Book Dias KdB Sane Sterling
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    Media Thread 2020/21

    Fantastic post. Up yours Fergie you arrogant tosser. Hope he lives a long and healthy life and gets to see us dominate for years to come.
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    Another new song. But this ones good..

    Exactly. Thats why I think this song is so great. We can throw every taunt they have ever thrown right back at them. It's humourous and they really have no answer.
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    Another new song. But this ones good..

    Not in my lifetime, Fergie said, Not in my lifetime, Fergie said, Notnin my lifetime, Fergie said, Cause City are a massive club.
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    Breaking records/stats thread

    That's staggering. We'll never see the like again. You could football for 100 years and some of these records will still be around. Pep is on a different level.
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    Breaking records/stats thread

    Aren't we on a historic away run all games ?(Chelsea doesn't count apparently as nuetral)
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    Return of Supporters

    Successful. Get in! Any one need a spare? £300 ono (100% joking )
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    Another new song. But this ones good..

    Exactly this. Throw any insults or micky taking write back at them.
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