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    Alisson Becker - The Myth

    I was going to put this in the Liverpool thread but it would be lost after a couple of pages and it needs discussing because I'm sick to death of hearing this media claim that is currently the biggest myth in football. "Alisson Becker, the best goalkeeper in the world" I'm not just jumping on...
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    Negative Goal Difference - How long since?

    Just when was this last the case?
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    Final 6 Games for Sale - SS3 - £120

    Hi all, due to various reasons I am unable to attend the final 6 league games of Arsenal, Burnley, Liverpool, Newcastle, Bournemouth and Norwich. I am therefore selling my Seasoncard for those 6 games as a job lot for £120. Seat is dead central South Stand 3. Payment by bank transfer and card...
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    New Rules 18/19

    Just seen there are a series of minor rule changes for the coming season. What caught my eye was the future use of VAR and how they are confidently predicting how many times it will be used in cup competitions...
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    Game restarted after Referee timekeeping error

    Hoping for a little help here. I am certain I remember a game from maybe 20 years or so ago that was televised (highlights) and the Referee blew for full time and after he had reached the tunnel had realised he'd blown too early. The result was that everyone went back onto the pitch and played...
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    Fernandinho could be our Mascherano

    Interesting how you learn only when things are going wrong, however could tonight's substitution of Mangala with Fernandinho opened up the long term possibility of him playing with Otamendi as our centre half pair during Kompany's absence? We've seen years of Mascherano manage to play the role...
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    Has Nasri been our biggest loss?

    OK, I know I am going to get Pelters from some, but I'm convinced that the loss of Nasri for what will be most of the season will be the factor that costs us most! Without him we fail to retain possession as effectively, but moreover we have nobody willing to play and then move into the box to...
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    What one change could have most positive impact?

    It's that time of year when the transfer window is open, players are supposedly available, teams know what the season offers or potentially threatens with the right or wrong changes, whether they be player, managerial, tactical or collective attitude. I like others glance at the transfer...
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    Executing a Will

    I am the executor of a will that falls under the terms of the Small Estates Act, which in short allows the me to complete all post death administration of the estate (probably around £4,000 which will barely pay for the cremation) due to its limited value. As there is no property, shares or...
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    The Mythical High Press - On Display

    Do you recall when we were sold this guff about how Pellegrini would get our team to play? Sounded great didn't it, however we are yet to see it! For those of us (That's all of us) who are yet to see it, ensure you watch MOTD this evening to see Chelsea demonstrate it. Mr Pellegrini Sir, you...
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    Another Summer Window Wasted!

    To think we let Lescott leave for nothing and paid £32M for Mangala. Is Fernando really a better footballer than Garcia? Is Caballero really better than Pantilimon? And Sagna, he appears worse in every department than Micah Richards. Then we let Negredo go and persist with 3 strikers whilst...
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    6 Galactico's Only Remember!

    It makes me laugh when I see the names that get churned up on this thread. Do people not remember the master plan of only having 6 Galactico World Level performers (Aguero/Silva) with the rest being past masters/steady eddies (MDM/Fernandinho) or yet to be masters/acadamy graduates...
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    Wembley visits as a Blue - How Many?

    Sure there was a similar thread some time back, however try as I might I cannot find it so Mods feel free to merge and bump if it can be found. Anyway, today is my 10th visit to Wembley to watch City. The last 7 have come thick and fast with the previous 3 being the 81 Cup Replay, 85 Full...
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    How long until we see a £100 Match Ticket at the Etihad?

    The Liverpool prices have left most on here a little speechless and it got me thinking and, I reckon it can't be longer that another 3 years before some of our open sale tickets are breaking £100. Deary Me!
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    What is the most pathetic excuse ever?

    This cake thing got me thinking what is the most pathetic excuse used in football to justify a situation? Here's a couple of the top of my head. 1. United players couldn't see each other whilst wearing grey shirts and subsequently were walloped at Southampton. 2. Balotelli was allergic to...
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    Football Writers' Player of the Year is.....

    Suarez! So much for Yaya being rewarded.
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    Final 5 Bundle Ticket - Thankfully No Sign This Year!

    Well I for one am glad that those within the Marketing/Ticketing departments have clearly come to their senses with regard to the Final 5 Bundle concept. In short they are either that busy with other ideas and have completely forgotten about this flawed money grabbing and divisive idea or, as I...
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    Whatever happened to our supposed Pressing Style?

    Title say it all really. So much was made of this high tempo win the ball back and hunt in packs philosophy. Exactly where has it gone? In fact I am not so certain that we ever really had it anyway. Seems bizarre that we seem to be starting games in a malaise and have to fall behind to...
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    Deadline Day Business - Stupidity Best Avoided!

    What possible benefit can be achieved by waiting until the last day of a Transfer Window to try to buy players? I just don't get it! If we are the highly organised professional establishment that most of our club activities suggest, then what exactly are we doing going anywhere near this kind...
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    Next season's Season Ticket for £35-40 if it all goes wrong!

    Just noticed this morning that Coral are offering a rather generous 16/1 for us to win no trophies! Now I know deep down, irrespective of how well we play, we as City fans are essentially nervous and somewhat of the worrier type. So with that in mind, if you were to put £35-40 on that very bet...
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